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The demand on our FBA member companies to build and deploy fiber networks has never been stronger -- communities need broadband access. The pandemic has shined a bright spotlight on the need for fiber networks at the speeds to support telework, online school, telehealth, video platforms, and conducting social interactions and business, all remotely. But workforce shortages remain in the building and construction of fiber and 5G networks. 

What can I do?

1. Visit the Fiber Job Zone

For employers or jobseekers -- for first time employees or those transitioning to another career -- the Fiber Job Zone offers employers the opportunity to post job listings, as well as access to the Resume Bank to search for the right people for your company. Job seekers may search active listings, post their resume, and create alerts using keywords. Detailed instructions for employers and job seekers may be found in the link above.

2. What roles or jobs are involved in deploying a fiber or 5G network? (Hint: it's not just tower climbing)

See Fiber and 5G Network Deployment Workforce Roles

3. Other Resources

Optics Workforce Blog: It’s Time to Invest in the Fiber Workforce

The COVID-19 emergency has brought on not only a high demand for fiber broadband networks, but also massive workforce opportunities in the industry -- for new employees or those seeking a second career.

Fiber for Breakfast, October 28: Week 31- 5G & Fiber Networks Workforce Needs

As our industry continues to see a steady demand for the rapid construction of fiber networks and the roll-out of 5G, one major roadblock to that deployment remains – a workforce shortage. In this week’s episode our expert panel will help size up the labor gap, discuss solutions such as training programs focused on veterans or second-career, working with community colleges/technical schools, as well as much needed apprenticeship programs. We will also hear about legislation aimed at addressing the need for more skilled labor in the fiber and 5G space.

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