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Congratulations to FBA’s Women in Fiber Committee's
March 2022 Women in Fiber Spotlight, Kim Smithers!

The Women in Fiber Spotlight is a special initiative meant to highlight and recognize the different roles and careers for women in fiber, telecom, tech, and construction.

Nominated by Patti Lewis, IQ Fiber, she had this to say about Kim Smithers, Chief Marketing Officer: "I have been working with Kim for only six months, but she continuously blows me away at ALL the things she knows, and she is just fearless!!" 

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This Spotlight shines on Kim Smithers, Chief Marketing Officer at IQ Fiber

In Her Own Words  

How did you get to your current position? What was your path?

Though my career began in customer service, merchandising, and advertising in wireless telecom, my path also crossed the grocery and internet services industries where I honed my skills in local marketing, digital marketing, loyalty, and analytics. Throughout my journey, I have been cultivating the leadership skills needed in my role at IQ Fiber. I think all the jobs I’ve had along the way have taught me humility, dedication, and how to harness the power of understanding customer behavior and design experiences based on the customer’s perspective first and foremost. This is the most exciting challenge of my career and I love my job every day because I know we’re building an amazing brand with an amazing team, and I can’t wait for our customers to experience it.

What is an accomplishment you are proud of? 

I’m proud of our team at IQ Fiber for knocking down every obstacle that has hit us in the face. When you’re a small team, you must lean on each other, trust each other, and dig in even if it’s not in your job description. But the rewards are worth every effort.

What is one thing industry related or not you learned in the last month? 

Because I’m newer to the fiber side of telecom, I learn new things every day.  This month, I was happy to get an education on WiFi 6 and 6e. I think we’ll always grapple with CPE product management and support as technology evolves, so it’s important to set a product strategy that considers the specific technology and its benefits, but accounts for the range of product support needed to maintain your customer base.

How do you define success? 

Success is fleeting. I know when we have a win, even a small win, that we feel success in that moment and I try to celebrate, to be in that moment. But there is much to attend to, and I find that I need to constantly observe, intake, and adjust to keep things running well.

Who inspires you? 

Many people but mostly my mom. She faced more adversity than a normal human should, and she never let it stop her. I am grateful to be surrounded by incredible people both at work and throughout my life who demonstrate kindness, creativity, intelligence, and humor.

What is one piece of advice you would give to a woman starting a career in fiber, tech, or construction? 

Be you and don’t apologize for it. Speak up; your opinions matter, and you need to believe that. You will often find yourself in a room full of guys and you’re the only girl. That’s ok. You are there. Do something amazing.

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