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We have compiled information of potential grant and knowledge resources and partnership opportunities for all 50 states -- including links to relevant web sites. Please use the list to the left to find your state and see what we have. In some cases you will find statutes and regulations applicable to community fiber deployment.


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Grant Sources

Community Connect Program: The Rural Development division of the USDA announced more than $10.3 million will be distributed among high-speed Internet providers. Interested providers must apply for the //Community Connect// grant program.

Local Technology Planning Grant:

Summary of NTIA and BTOP grants for Washington State:

Legislative and Regulatory

Washington authorizes some municipalities to provide communications services but prohibits public utility districts from providing communications services directly to customers. (Wash. Rev. Code Ann. §54.16.330) For more information see

Partnerships and Organizations

Washington State Broadband Office: Charged with coordination, programming, and outreach on opportunities for funding, education and awareness of broadband issues. As part of this effort, the Office launched the state’s first interactive and searchable map showing broadband service availability in the state by provider, technology and advertised speeds.

University of Washington/Gig U Partnership: Along with 28 other universities, University of Washington will participate in the national Next-Gen Network-Based Innovation project with Gig U. Through an open request for information process, Gig.U will gather data with an intent to inform high-speed service providers of new implementation approaches, and to enable competition to bring high-speed networks to research communities. Gig U plans to demonstrate to commercial providers that there is sufficient demand for these services in college communities.

Washington Rural Broadband Cooperative: High bandwidth initiative which delivers 10 Gb/s service to community anchor points (schools, tribal centers, libraries, and chambers of commerce) throughout Snohomish, Skagit, and Whatcom counties. The WA-RBC project is a partnership between the Tulalip Tribes of Washington and Cascadeo Corporation. This proposal leverages significant investments already made by the Tulalip Tribes in a data center and fiber optic infrastructure that can extend to other tribes and rural communities.

The Seattle Broadband Initiative: The Mayor's office wants to bring a Fiber to the Premises network to all of Seattle. This network would provide Internet access and other services at speeds much greater than those offered over existing networks.

Chelan County video "Lighting our Future" -

Washington Independent Telecommunications Association -