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Fiber Broadband Association Website Quick Start Guide

Profile Setup, Renewals and Adding Members

1. Password Setup or Reset

Upon joining the Fiber Broadband Association, you should have received an email from our website with a link to re-set your member log-in password.      Click on the link and choose a new password. Hit ok. If you did not receive that email, contact and a member of our team will send you the link to setup your password.

2. Profile Setup

Go to and login using your email address as a username and your newly created password. You will be linked to your personal profile page. Click EDIT PROFILE to add information you want other members to see, such as contact information, bio, or addresses.

Under OPTIONS on the right, you will see a list of other items tailored specifically to you. Click MY PHOTO to add a photo of yourself and click the other items to explore what you can personally track on the site, such as My Favorites, My Presentations and more.

3. Primary Contact

Each company or organization has a designated Primary Contact. The Primary Contact is the ONLY person who can renew the company membership, update a company profile and add or delete names listed under your membership. To view the Primary Contact for your company, click on your company name. Click on the PROFILE tab, which is your company or organizational information. Scroll to the bottom where you will see the Primary Contact. If this is not the person who will update the site or renew your membership, please ask that person to login and change the name, or send us a request to

4. Company Profile Updates

If you are the Primary Contact, update your company information by clicking Edit Profile on the Group Profile page. Upload your company logo [jpg or png] or edit the company information on the page. This is what other members will see when they look up your company. The website is a networking channel, so it is important to make sure the information is accurate and updated regularly.

5. Membership Renewal

Your renewal date is on the Membership tab on the company profile page.    

As this date approaches, the Primary Contact will receive renewal notices 90 days out and an invoice. To renew your membership, the Primary Contact should follow these steps:

Click on the Payment button within the invoice.

  1. Login to the site.
  2. Pay online with a credit card, filling out the form. Hit OK/Submit.
  3. Note that the invoice will allow you to download a copy or email a copy to the primary contact if needed. 

6. Adding or Deleting Members

The Primary Contact can add an unlimited number of employees as members of the Fiber Broadband Association. This ensures that everyone gets information and has the ability to use all of the benefits and resources.

  1. Login and view Personal Profile
  2. Click on the company name.

On this page, you see 4 tabs at the top. Click on the Members tab. To delete a name, click “Remove User” next to the name. To add a member, click Link for new users: Link in the grey box at the top of the page. Complete a minimum of email and name, hit OK. The person will receive a welcome email and will be asked to reset his or her password.


Questions? Contact or call our Sr. Director of Membership, Industry Affairs, & Operations, Trish Ehlers, at 847-989-3440.