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Woman in Fiber Spotlight

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August, 2021 Becky Rafnkelsson

Nominated by Sonia Saif, AFL, Becky Rafnkelsson, Executive Director - Operations received this kudos from Marc Loustau, Senior Vice President, Strategy & Business Development / Human Resources: "Becky’s passion for her team mixed with her wealthy of knowledge in the industry make her a true game changer. She has inspired many to join the telecommunication industry while mentoring many others to grow their careers, all the while as she continues to maintaining a high level of productivity and engagement across AFL. We are grateful for her leadership and vast contributions both on our business and culture."

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July, 2021 Niki Carnahan

Nominated by Justin Reid, Vitruvi Software, he had this to say about Niki Carnahan, Business Development Lead: "Niki epitomizes the Core Values of Vitruvi Software and is adored by absolutely everyone within the industry. We are proud of her personal commitments to competitive athletics and inspirational message of unlocking the leadership talent of young women in Fiber. Go Niki Go!!!”

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June, 2021 Ashlee Hornbuckle

Nominated by Terry Price, 3-GIS, she had this to say about Ashlee Hornbuckle, Product Marketing Manager: "Ashlee is an exceptional contributor to our customers understanding and envisioning how they can improve delivering services on their fiber networks. As our Product Marketing Manager with extensive market experience, including service providers, utility companies, municipalities, and engineering firms, she has worked at all levels to inform and demonstrate practices for fiber network solutions. Her can-do attitude and aptitude for resolving issues has built effective external customer relationships and at the same time create internal relationships that help to deliver fiber networks faster and more economically.”


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May, 2021 Teresa Burkett

Nominated by Charles Phillips, Gibson Electric Membership Corporation, he had this to say about Teresa Burkett, Manager of Outside Plant: "Teresa's work as a direct operational manager has demonstrated excellent leadership and managerial skills for Gibson EMC and I believe she is an excellent candidate for this award. Her example has been a positive model for other women in the cooperative and the community at large. She is managing the construction and maintenance activities for the cooperative on a network that will contain over 3500 miles of fiber serving over 15,000 subscribers in a 2500 square mile territory in northwest TN and western KY. ”

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April, 2021 Barbara Harmon

Nominated by Colin Garner, Wolf Line Construction, he had this to say about Barbara Harmon, Director of Human Capital: "Barb is a critical leader within our organization setting expectations for new employees and a culture for everyone. Her high performance, safety-forward culture has created an exceptional place to work and ultimately a great product for our clients. Wolf Line Construction deploys rural broadband networks in the energized space using qualified electrical workers. Our company has been very successful in reaching many rural Americans that would otherwise not have access to broadband. I believe Barb’s efforts have directly impacted our deployments and helped bridge the digital divide.”


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March, 2021 Tasha Wheeler

Nominated by Alexa Edens and John Empey, KGPCo, Tasha Wheeler is a Senior Program Manager - OSP at KGPCo. 
She is also widely known as a successful team builder and people manager, focusing on the needs and concerns of everyone she supervises. She is widely respected by her team and her customers. Her outstanding achievements in building and leading successful fiber deployments in Colorado while managing teams to support these efforts have made her nomination for this month’s spotlight award rise above all others.TashW v2.jpg

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November, 2020 Megan O'Brien

Nominated by two colleagues, Megan O’Brien is an Applications Engineer at Preformed Line Products. Matthew Becker from Preformed Line Products had this to say about Megan: “Traditionally, telecommunications and fiber related jobs were mostly driven by men. Even more so, technical jobs were even skewed more heavily towards men. Megan and other women are bucking this trend as she handles technical related issues and hands-on expertise of fiber related products. It can be a daunting task to enter a room of 25-50 fiber splicers (most of them men), and deliver an application of product in front of them to showcase how the product functions and tips and tricks associated with said product. I have seen it first hand in the field that Megan can hold her own in the industry as she has the patience, technical expertise and personality to handle any situation that arises."
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October, 2020 CJ Ehrenreich

Nominated by Michael Jablonski, Regional Technical Operations Lead at Google Fiber, Michael had this to say about CJ: “CJ establishes and nurtures a culture built on quality, service, and continuous improvement. She develops, communicates and leads the implementation of the strategic plan for the growth of the network in a manner consistent with the organization's mission, vision and values. CJ engages internal and external stakeholders to develop strategies and plans to move the organization in the desired direction.  She is committed to the purpose, loyal to the cause and relentless in execution.  She quickly builds trust among cross functional partners, not afraid to take risks and displays the proper level of managerial courage.”

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September, 2020 Johanna Catchings

Nominated by Alexa Edens, Director of Solutions Architecture ISP OSP at KGPCo. Alexa had this to say about Johanna: “Johanna is certainly one to watch out for in the industry, as she proves to exceed internally and externally in her contributions. Johanna is a wonderful example of hard work, involvement, and perseverance working alongside her team as she always strives for excellence. I see Johanna take true pride in her contribution to the large undertaking of the progressive 5G network, and further to be noted Johanna has also recently been awarded Verizon’s Coin of Excellence Award. Hard work pays off and Johanna Catchings is a true example of an excellent awardee of Fiber Broadband Association’s Women in Fiber Spotlight Award. Congratulations Johanna.”


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August, 2020 Shannon Quigley

Nominated by Joseph Fasone, Chief Executive Officer at Pilot Fiber, New York, New York. Joseph had this to say about Shannon: “Shannon is an absolute all-star. She came to Pilot with no fiber background from the textile engineering industry and quickly became one of our best project engineers, designing fiber solutions inside and outside office buildings. Shannon took over our Outside Plant engineering a few years ago and has designed and placed 75+ miles of fiber infrastructure in NYC. She now oversees all of fiber engineering and construction at 26 years old.”

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July, 2020 Kimberly Pitcher

Nominated by Jason Dauby, Chief Technology Officer at Smithville Communications, Ellettsville, Indiana. Jason had this to say about Kimberly: “Kim is a role model, the only female in plant engineering where she brilliantly manages a team of men. She demonstrates calm efficiency, managing diverse issues as they arise, coordinating with the network engineering, construction, and I&R departments.” Kim frequently works additional hours to ensure projects are on-time, mentor engineering staff, and exhibits the motto she keeps on her whiteboard: “Make Smithville Better.”

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