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Information for Media Representatives

The 2017 FTTH LATAM Conference is open to representatives of print and electronic media. Registration is free of charge to journalists who provide evidence of employment for a newspaper, news service, magazine, radio or television station, or online news publication. Freelance journalists must present a signed letter on official letterhead from a recognized news organization or publication prior to registering.

Media registration is required by no later than Friday, 14 March. Advanced registration is required, and will not be available onsite. To apply for your press credentials for this event, please contact Bill Braun at

Within a week, you will receive an email confirming your press registration. We will contact you by email or phone if your registration has been denied or if we require additional information.

Your official badge can be collected onsite at the registration desk upon presentation of an official ID.

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We offer members a variety of learning opportunities through our webinar series, which are open to the public unless otherwise specified. If you are interested in presenting a webinar, contact Ancilla Brady at


Gimme Fiber Day

On November 4th we celebrate Gimme Fiber Day to showcase how fiber has positively impacted communities across the world and what policymakers around the globe can do to help advance the roll-out and take-up of fiber optics. The date is the birthday of Professor Charles Kao.

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