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Joseph Jones "JJ"
Board Nominee Questionnaire

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Joseph Jones "JJ"
On Trac, Inc.
Executive Vice President 

Please explain why you consider yourself an excellent candidate for the Board of Directors of the Fiber Broadband Association:

First, I love this industry and I feel blessed to be part of it. The industry continues to grow at a rapid pace and I’m excited to see what’s next. I’ve spent my entire professional career in telecommunications and have had a focus on fiber broadband for the past 16 years. I feel that I can bring value and experience to the Board.

I’ve served as a volunteer for the past 13 years within the Association; from committee volunteer to committee chair. Most recently I’ve been serving as the Fiber Connect Conference Chair and it’s been rewarding to see the growth in content, speakers, attendees, and revenue for the past 5 years. In this role I have worked closely with the CEO and President of the Association, Board of Directors, the Board Management Committee, and Chair and Vice Chair of the Board.

If elected, I will represent the members of the Fiber Broadband Association and assure that the Association’s governing Board delivers balanced oversight and strategic direction for the future. In addition, I will continue both individually and corporately to financially support our Association, to pledge my time and that of my company’s support team, in accomplishing the goals of the Association in whatever ways we may be able. Further, I will continue to educate and promote the deployment of fiber in North America; wherever my influence takes me.

How many years has your company been a Fiber Broadband Association Member?
Since 2003 /17 Years

How many years have you participated in Fiber Broadband Association activities?
Since 2007 /13 Years

Association Committees (position and years served)
2007 – 2012 / Planning & Marketing Committee – Track Leader
2013 – 2015 / Planning Committee – Chair
2016 – 2020 / Conference Committee – Chair

Association Contributions (activities supported, assets developed, documents drafted, etc…)
2012 – Conference Planning Vendor Search Team
2013 – Community Toolkit Conference (Kansas City, KS)
2014 – Community Toolkit Conference (Raleigh, NC)
2015 – Community Toolkit Conference (Lexington, KY)
2019 – Broadband Starter Kit Conference (Fort Collins, CO)
2007 – 2020 / Annual Fiber Connect Conferences

How many years have you been in the telecommunications industry?
24 years

How many years have you been employed by an all-fiber service provider or vendor?
16 years

How many years have you been in your current position?
2 years

Describe your current job and functional responsibilities
Executive Vice President
- I’m an Officer in our organization that provides key input into company direction, goal setting and methods.

What was your previous position?
Vice President of Operations

How many years did you hold your previous position for?
2 years

Do you have experience as a member of a Board of Directors?

Please list the entity, the provide the number of years you served and officer position held

Is there any legal impediment that would prevent you serving on the Board?

Is there any legal issue of which the Association should be aware?

Being a Fiber Broadband Association Board Member requires a considerable time commitment. Please confirm that you have the support of your company if you are elected.
I have the support of my company if I am elected

Please provide a short overview of your experience with telecommunications, fiber optics, and FTTH technologies:
I’ve been in the telecommunications industry for almost twenty-five years with the past 16 of those years focused on fiber broadband. My company partners directly with service providers in providing drop and installation services in the fiber broadband space. In my current role I work directly with the leadership from those service providers and provide consultation and assistance in helping them achieve their deployment goals. My industry experience has covered most areas which include sales, customer service and dispatch, field installation services, quality assurance functions, administrative roles, to operations which includes over twenty-five various cable and fiber broadband start-ups with service providers nationwide.

Please describe the goals you would like to accomplish during your term as Fiber Broadband Association Board Member.
I believe I possess the experience, the drive, and the vision to help guide the Association toward greater success in our mission to educate and promote fiber and expanded connectivity across the country. I want to lead the way in making sure the Association continues to grow the Broadband Starter Kit content and develop a plan to reach more regional areas throughout the country. Another goal is to continue to develop our committees to assist in Association initiatives, strengthen the industry, provide positive membership benefits, and to help assist service providers. The immediate future will consist of more virtual meetings and conferences and with my fresh experience of overseeing the Association’s first ever virtual Fiber Connect, I believe I can help plan future events whether it be virtual, hybrid, or back in-person.

Have you reviewed the Board of Directors’ Responsibilities document, and do you understand what is required?

Please describe the level of commitment (in terms of time and effort) that you intend to make to the Association during the three-year term: 
I’ve had the privilege of observing our CEO, Mike Hill, for the past 13 years as an FBA Board Member. I believe that I know better than anyone the level of commitment that will be needed and required if elected. In addition, I believe I have demonstrated my level of commitment from my time (5 years) serving as the Association’s Conference Chair. The same energy, time, and resources that were spent overseeing our Conference planning will be spent serving on the Board.

Please inform us of any other information, issue, or concern of which the Association should be aware.