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Joe Jensen
Board Nominee Questionnaire

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Joe Jensen
Director Market Development 

Please explain why you consider yourself an excellent candidate for the Board of Directors of the Fiber Broadband Association:

As a 20 year veteran helping to advance fiber based networks and a current board member of the FBA, I’ve done all that I can to advance the cause of the organization and to ensure its success. My current role at Corning, who proudly supports the FBA and its missions, allows me to work hand and hand with customers throughout North America to uncover the challenges associated with building and maintaining fiber based networks. Therefore, I am well positioned to voice the concerns of Network Operators striving to advance fiber based networks throughout North America.

How many years has your company been a Fiber Broadband Association Member?
19 years

How many years have you participated in Fiber Broadband Association activities?
6 years

Association Committees (position and years served)
Board of Directors 3 yrs, Marketing Committee Liaison 2 years, F&A Committee 1 year, Technology Committee 2 years

Association Contributions (activities supported, assets developed, documents drafted, etc…)
Presented 3 times at Fiber Connect breakout sessions, Hosted a main stage 5G Panel at Fiber Connect. Presented 2 5G Webinars in 2018 and 2019. Will participate in a 5G Panel at Fiber Connect 2020. As a board member, I was an active participant in outsource model interview committee

How many years have you been in the telecommunications industry?
21 years

How many years have you been employed by an all-fiber service provider or vendor?
21 years

How many years have you been in your current position?
6 years

Describe your current job and functional responsibilities
I support Corning's business development objectives for FTTX deployments in North America. My teams role is to understand our customer's problems and determine how Corning can apply our technical resources and capabilities to solve our customer's problems.

What was your previous position?
I served as Product Manager for Corning’s outside plant hardened connectivity soutions.

How many years did you hold your previous position for?
7 years

Do you have experience as a member of a Board of Directors?

Please list the entity, the provide the number of years you served and officer position held
FBA, 3 years

Is there any legal impediment that would prevent you serving on the Board?

Is there any legal issue of which the Association should be aware?

Being a Fiber Broadband Association Board Member requires a considerable time commitment. Please confirm that you have the support of your company if you are elected.
I have the support of my company if I am elected

Please provide a short overview of your experience with telecommunications, fiber optics, and FTTH technologies:
I started with Siecor/Corning in 2000 as a field engineer spending time installing and troubleshooting the passive side of HFC networks, supporting our technical support phone line, and teaching hands-on installation training classes. After 3 years I moved into an applications engineering role deepening my knowledge of Corning's fiber optic products supporting Datacenters. After 2 years I moved into an engineering supervisor role managing field installation projects. After another 2 years, I moved into a product line management position supporting Corning's Multiport and Drop business, then transitioned to running the FlexNAP product portfolio up until the end of 2014. Since this time I have been supporting Corning's carrier customers with PON based deployments. My expertise lies in optimizing outside plant architecture designs for lowest total cost.

Please describe the goals you would like to accomplish during your term as Fiber Broadband Association Board Member.
Due to current events, there has never been a more opportune time for the FBA to make a difference in advancing Fiber based networks. The need for broadband has been fully established as a critical infrastructure during these unprecedented times and the FBA has emerged as the trusted leader to help network operators. We must continue to build upon this momentum and continue to demonstrate our leadership in this space. This positive momentum is unfortunately offset by a significant challenge with the FBA’s inability to host a public event challenging the revenue modal of the organization. My goal is to ensure that the organization successfully pivots our revenue model while continuing to stay focused on the mission of the organization.

Have you reviewed the Board of Directors’ Responsibilities document, and do you understand what is required?

Please describe the level of commitment (in terms of time and effort) that you intend to make to the Association during the three-year term: 
I will continue to support the mission of the organization in any way I can by volunteering my time and energy to all organized board events. I will also continue to support any committee responsibilities that arise where my talents and skills can be beneficial. Additionally, Corning has and will continue to be proud supporter of the FBA and will continue to support me in fulfilling my duties as a board member for the FBA.

Please inform us of any other information, issue, or concern of which the Association should be aware.