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Communities across the Americas are discovering that their future economic development and quality of life is becoming evermore dependent on the speed of the networks that their citizens can access. Gigabit-enabled networks are now possible and are beginning to appear in some communities, with expectations that these superfast, all-fiber services will become standard within a few short years. But how can civic, business and political leaders begin the process of bringing these services to their own communities? This toolkit contains a wealth of resources on all-fiber networks and the opportunity to contribute their own experiences in the effort to keep on the cutting edge of broadband.

Why Fiber
Fiber is future-proof. Find out about this technology and how it compares to other ways to build broadband infrastructure.

Success Stories
Believe it or not, there are already more than a thousand FTTH networks across North America. Find out what it has done for their communities.

The Value
The benefits of deploying next generation bandwidth over fiber for your community are wide-ranging. Find out more.

More Information
The federal government and many states have programs that could be helpful in bringing next generation networks to communities. Here you will find an outline of applicable departments and programs in the U.S. government that may assist in providing or identifying resources for organizations, companies and communities looking to bring in next-generation networks. We have also compiled information of potential grants, knowledge resources and partnership opportunities for all 50 states -- including links to relevant web sites. You can find your state here and see what's available. In some cases you will find statutes and regulations applicable to community fiber deployment.