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Member Committees & Working Group Rosters

If you are interested in joining a member committee, please contact the Chair.  Committees are a great way to get involved with Association leadership and direction.   We welcome all members. Contact Garrett Sheehan with any questions at

Conference Committee

Plan and coordinate the Fiber Connect Conference & Expo conference and the member's meetings, telecom providers workshops as well as all general membership activities, meetings, and conferences. 

Chair: Joseph Jones, OnTrac, Inc.
Board Liaison: Gary Bolton

Committee Members:

Education Content: Roger Vaughn, OFS 

Fiber Broadband Starter Kit Workshop Co-Leaders: Cate McNaught, Corning and Valarie Lucas, EPB
Business Track Co-Leaders: Bradley Hine, ETI Software Solutions and Randy Turner, Walker and Associates 
Engineering Track Co-Leader: Kurt Raaflaub, ADTRAN

Operations Track Co-Leaders:  Brad Slipher, On Trac and Ron Frye, LUS Fiber
Education Content Reviewer: Kevin Lee Bourg, Corning Optical Communications and John George, OFS

View the Fiber Connect committee page.  

Deployment Specialists Committee

The FBA Deployment Specialists Committee was created to provide a discussion forum for all entities involved in the fiber deployment process. The group specifically intends to provide education around and raise awareness about the fiber deployment process, effective fiber installs, and ensuring a safe worksite while protecting underground facilities in areas of excavation.

Chair: Brendan O'Boyle, Preformed Line Products
Board Liaison: Teles Fremin, Lafayette Utilities System

Committee Members

Robert Bridgham, Eastern Shore of Virginia Broadband Authority
Walt Donovan, Dycom Industries
Tucker Dotson, Ditch Witch
Kelley Dunne, Novation Enterprises
Stan Fendley, Corning 
Jon Fitz, Prysmian Group
John Fluharty, Quanta Services
Ron Frye, LUS Fiber
Colin Garner, Wolf Line Construction
Robin Gilbertson, J&R Underground
Darin Howe, Corning
Keith Jackson, Gabes Construction Company
Jake Jeffords, Vermeer
Robert Lamb, Radisys
Dan Levac, Preformed Line Products
Zouheir Mansourati, Vitruvi
Scott Mull, On Trac
Jason Phillips, Gabes Construction Company
Steve Sellenriek, Sellenriek Construction 
Mark Tichenor, On Trac
Katie Wallace, Telapex/C Spire

Marketing Committee

Plans and provides feedback on the Fiber Broadband Association membership marketing efforts and advises on programs and promotional pieces which could be helpful to member company marketing efforts to customers. 

Chair: Kevin Clayton, AFL
Board Liaison: Joe Jensen, Corning

Committee Members:
Kara Chandeysson, Ting Internet
David Eckell, Graybar
Katie Espeseth, EPB
Jeff Gavlinksi, Calix
John George, OFS
Bob Knight, Harrison Edwards
Kimberly McKinley, UTOPIA Fiber
John Paul, Spiral Internet
Terry Price, 3-GIS
Jane Weiler, Cincinnati Bell
Melissa Wright, Smithville Communications

Power Utilities Roundtable Group

The Power Utilities Roundtable Group is open to power utility members of FBA only, and provides a forum for open discussion among our member companies in this space. Members share their experiences, challenges, and assist one another with identifying solutions to common issues.

Chair: Charles Phillips, Gibson Electric Membership Corporation
Board Liaison: Mark Boxer, OFS

Group Members:

Teles Fremin, LUS Fiber
Clayton Dowell, Bristol Tennessee Essential Services
Bobby Paul, City of VidaliaNathan Huff, French Broad EMC
Brian Shrader, PES Energize
Campbell Patterson, Utilities Kingston
Sharon Kyser, Newport Utilities
Chris Calhoun, Newport Utilities
John Leary, Westfield Gas & Electric
Teresa Newman, Bowling Green Municipal Utilities
Matt Smith, Bowling Green Municipal Utilities
Hank Blackwood, Dalton Utilities/OptiLink
Russ Brethower, Grant PUD

Public Policy Committee

Promote fiber broadband deployment by educating and motivating federal, state and local officials (North America).

Chair: Ben Moncrief, C Spire
Board Liaison: Joanne Hovis, CTC

ommittee Members:
Sean Adam, AFL
Kevin Lee Bourg, Corning 
Daryl Bouwkamp, Vermeer
John Burchett, Google
Chris Champion, C Spire
Joshua Chandler, Utopia Fiber
Tom Cohen, Kelley Drye
David Eckell, Graybar
Eric Edwards, CommScope
Stan Fendley, Corning
Debra Freitas, Light Source Communications 
John George, OFS
Joey Greer, EPB
Mike Hill, On Trac
Frank Latini, Gainesville Regional Utilities
Michele Mansfield Tysiak, Crown Castle
Wylie Murphy, On Trac
Staci Pies, Crown Castle
Michael Purdy, Google
Jeff Reiman, The Broadband Group
Stephen Szymanski, Sterlite Technologies Ltd
Natasha Tamaskar, Radisys
Paul Thompson, AFL
Roger Timmerman, Utopia Fiber
Monica Webb, Ting
Melanie Wolfe, Ting
David Young, Verizon
Jessica Zufolo, Magellan Advisors
Sherry McCuller Magellan Advisors
Ashley Poling, Magellan Advisors

Technology Committee

Promote the awareness and business implications of active systems, passive components and deployment techniques for fiber broadband networks.

Rajesh Chundury and Virgilio Fiorese

Chair: John George, OFS
Board Liaison: Mark Boxer, OFS

Committee Members:
John Amundson, TDS Telecom
Gwenn Amice, EXFO
Patrick Anderson, Go!Foton
Steve Binassi, Telus
Mark Boxer, OFS
Paul Brigandi, DOW
Rajesh Chundury, Radisys
Matthew Coffman, Jackson Energy Authority
Virgillo Fiorese, Radisys
Andreas Flach, Nokia
Sean Flora, Cincinnati Bell
Jeff Gavlinski, Calix
William Hall, II, Adtran
John Hogie, Google
Scott Jackson, Graybar
Joe Jensen, Corning
Larry Johnson, FiberStory
Greg Lentz, Corning
Zouheir Mansourati, Vitruvi
Michael McGannon, Dycom Industires
Brendan O'Boyle, Preformed Line Products
Michael Pecot, Jiggsa
Michael Render, RVA
Lee Rutherford, Horizon
Kayla Sandquist, Vermeer
Josh Simer, AFL
Brad Slipher, On Trac
Paul Sulisz, Biarri Networks
Barry Walton, Corning
Kevin Wynne, Comsof Americas
Jessica Zufolo, Magellan Advisors, LLC

Women in Fiber Group

This group is for women who are Fiber Broadband Association members. The group's purpose is to share insight into professional development and discuss opportunities for women to achieve their full potential in the field. We encourage women in the field to network with other professionals and fellow leaders in the fiber industry. Make new connections and share your experiences!  Join the LinkedIn Group or contact Halley Roth at with any questions or ideas.

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Steering Committee:
Alexa Edens, KGPCo
Mary Ellen Grom, AFL
Kim Hartwell, Corning
Tanya Kanczuzewski, Dura Line
Holly Ruser, Graybar

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Our Mission

The Fiber Broadband Association's mission is to accelerate deployment of all-fiber access networks by demonstrating how fiber-enabled applications and solutions create value for service providers and their customers, promote economic development and enhance quality of life.

Our Vision

The vision of the Fiber Broadband Association is to be the voice for ultra high-speed networks throughout the Americas.