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All-Fiber Service Provider Certification

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Want your customers to know they’re getting the best? The Fiber Broadband Association offers the industry’s only program for network operators to certify that customers are getting fiberor all-fiberservice.

Why Become Certified Fiber or All-Fiber?

Consumers and businesses are clamoring for the fastest, most reliable broadband service they can get. Fiber broadband is the gold standard, and people know it—people are even willing to pay more for a home just because it has fiber. The Fiber Broadband Association’s certification program can help network operators connect and market to new customers with a seal of approval: the service offered is delivered over a “future-proof” fiber or all-fiber network.

Once approved, you’ll have access to our “Certified Fiber" or our "Certified All-Fiber” promotional materials, including badges, graphics and more. You’ll also be listed in a publicly searchable database.

Join the Fiber Broadband Association today to access this and many other benefits.

Only members of the Fiber Broadband Association can qualify for this benefit. Join now to apply.

Already a member? How to get Certified Fiber or All-Fiber:

  1. Download the Network Operator Standard for Certification
  2. When ready, apply here (login required).