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Women in Fiber Spotlight

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June, 2022 Lee Ann Fogwell

Lee Ann Fogwell was nominated by Vecima’s Product Management team. Ryan Nicometo, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Vecima’s Video and Broadband Solutions business unit, had this to say about Lee Ann, Vice President of R&D Software Engineering: “Lee Ann is foundational in our software development organization. Her approach to management is based on almost 20 years of PON experience, mentorship of PON Engineers, and facts-based decision making. Whether asked to spend two years overseas to manage a new development organization, mentor the team’s up-and-coming software developers, or drive decisions that define our industry leading next generation PON software portfolio, we can always depend on Lee Ann.”

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May, 2022 Tanna Hanna

Nominated by Brianna Pribbeno, ALLO Communications, she had this to say about Tanna Hanna, Director of Social Media & Marketing: "Tanna has been a vocal supporter of our culture, leading by example and encouraging her teammates to commit to a work-life balance that not only benefits ALLO but also the mental health, creativity, and motivation of individuals across our organization." 

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April, 2022 Candy Riem

Nominated by Bob Hance, Midwest Energy & Communications (MEC), he had this to say about Candy Riem, Vice President of Marketing & Customer Solutions: "Since we launched fiber internet in 2015, Candy has played a pivotal role in our success and growth. She possesses a deep understanding of our customers’ needs and the competitive marketplace, and she’s always striving to improve our offerings. As a leader, she guides her team with grace and serves as an exceptional role model for others shaping their careers at MEC. There is no one I would trust more to lead our marketing efforts as we expand service to an additional 40,000 customers." 

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March, 2022 Kim Smithers

Nominated by Patti Lewis, IQ Fiber, she had this to say about Kim Smithers, Chief Marketing Officer: "I have been working with Kim for only six months, but she continuously blows me away at ALL the things she knows, and she is just fearless!!" 

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February, 2022 Diane Garcia

Nominated by Kendal Ingraham, Public Utility District No. 1 Of Okanogan County, she had this to say about Diane Garcia, Regional Account Executive: "Interactions I’ve had with her have been top notch!...I felt she always went above and beyond. She would visit us in our rural location and try to find us resources to help grow our network...I always feel Diane has our back with trying to better our broadband initiative in rural WA." 


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January, 2022 Rhonda Goddard

Nominated by Jimmy Todd, Nex-Tech, he had this to say about Rhonda Goddard, Chief Financial Officer: "Rhonda is one of the most dedicated and driven leaders I have ever known. She has an incredible work ethic and contributes to every aspect of Nex-Tech’s growth and achievements. Her passion for community, economic, and youth services has allowed Nex-Tech to improve the communities and areas that we serve. Rhonda’s extensive background in finance, customer services, and operations, along with being well-versed in legislative and regulatory affairs, has been a driving force behind Nex-Tech’s transformation to a highly-diversified broadband and technology company." 


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