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Board Elections

The Association holds an annual election for Directors to its Board at the Association’s Annual Members Meeting, which was held in conjunction with the Association’s Premier Members Strategy Session. Each new director then serves a three-year term beginning in January.  Members of the Board set the overall direction for our organization and make critical strategic decisions regarding our finances, activities and programs. 

The Association’s nine Board members are elected for three-year terms which are staggered as such that each year there are openings for three Directors. Each Board member can only serve for two consecutive terms.  Board members must be from a NA or joint NA/LATAM Premier Member “in good standing,” including by being current with its dues.  No more than one person from any Premier Member company may serve on the Board at any time.  

A complete description of what is expected from the Association’s Board of Director members can be found at Board of Directors' Responsibilities.

Any Association member can nominate a candidate (although a Director must be employed by a Premier Member). 

Each candidate must complete a Board Questionnaire.     

Comments or questions on the voting process should go to  

2018 Board Election Results:

The annual members’ meeting took place in Tampa, FL on December 5th, 2017, during which 2018 board elections were held.

The following individuals were elected with all terms commencing January 1st:

Newly elected to 3-year term:

  • Katie Espeseth, Vice President-EPB New Products, EPB
  • Joe Jensen, Americas Market Development Manager, Corning Incorporated

Re-elected to 3-year term:

  • J. Michael Hill, CEO, On Trac, Inc.

Continuing as Board Members:

John George, Director, Solutions and Professional Services, OFS
Joanne Hovis, President, CTC Technology & Energy
Gary Bolton, VP of Global Marketing, ADTRAN
Gregg Logan, Vice President of Engineering, Telapex, Inc. (corporate parent of the C Spire companies)

Management Committee

Scott Jackson, Chair
Kevin Morgan, Vice Chairman
Gregg Logan, Secretary
Gary Bolton, Treasurer

Committee Chairs

Technology: Kevin Kress
Community Toolkit: Joanne Hovis
Marketing: Katie Espeseth
Government Relations: Gary Bolton
Finance & Audit Committee: Gary Bolton, Katie Espeseth, Mike Hill
International Committee: Al Nunez
Technology Liaison: John George

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The Fiber Broadband Association's mission is to accelerate deployment of all-fiber access networks by demonstrating how fiber-enabled applications and solutions create value for service providers and their customers, promote economic development and enhance quality of life.

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