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Sept 20 - State of Georgia Properties RFI for Broadband Infrastructure Info and Summary

Carol A Brunner

Sept 20 - State of Georgia Properties RFI for Broadband Infrastructure Info and Summary

From Bill Price, Strategist

Georgia Technology Authority,


The State of Georgia is developing an RFI for the purpose of gathering broadband infrastructure industry information for a report to the Governor and the Legislature regarding a broadband strategic leasing program of state properties to the industry.

We plan to release the RFI at the end of this month. If you are interested to receive the RFI link  please confirm which email you would like it sent to -  [login to unmask email]

We will email a link to a page on the State Properties Commission website where you can see instructions and download the RFI itself, a response template a copy of the State Real Properties database (2) spreadsheets, one for land and one for buildings/structures.

I am providing a draft of the summary below for your review.

From response to the RFI we plan to produce a report to the Governor and the Legislature that will represent the voice of industry regarding the idea/concept of the state having a strategic broadband leasing program that would proactively put the property assets portfolio in the market.

 Purpose of the Request for Information

The State Properties Commission (hereinafter, “SPC”), through the RFI seeks to explore the possibility and determine the viability of marketing state properties for long term leases (10 to 50-year terms) to broadband infrastructure or operator companies that would generate revenue to the State Treasury.  SPC will provide a report of findings with recommendations to Georgia’s leadership on how to maximize Georgia’s real property portfolio revenue potential.

Scope of the RFI

The RFI scope includes; the real properties; bare land, buildings, towers, other structures and railroad rights of way that SPC has the responsibility to manage as well as the State University System’s bare land and buildings and the Georgia Department of Transportation railroad rights of way managed by the Intermodal Division.  The scope DOES NOT include GDOT state and interstate road rights of way or the P3 project that has been released by GDOT.

State Properties Commission (SPC)

SPC is the State’s Real Estate Portfolio Manager, which is responsible for the acquisition and disposition of all real property and other real property interests held by the State of Georgia. Additionally, SPC provides leasing assistance to State entities operating in both State-owned and commercially owned space.


As the State’s real estate portfolio manager, the State Properties Commission’s mission is to advise, guide and maximize Georgia’s real estate portfolio by applying industry best practices in asset, space and transaction management.

In partnership with the University System of Georgia and the Georgia Department of Transportation, SPC has inventory and management responsibilities for the entire State of Georgia portfolio, which consists of 800,000 acres of land, 14,800 buildings/ towers/ structures, and over 540 miles of railroad rights of way. Although SPC is the State’s portfolio manager, the Georgia General Assembly must authorize by Resolution any conveyance or lease of State- owned property greater than three (3) years. The length of time it takes to gain authorization limits SPC’s ability to react in a timely fashion to the broadband infrastructure market, leading to the need to explore the potential of the Broadband Strategic Leasing Program. SPC does not have authority or responsibility for state road or interstate rights of way which is the responsibility of the Georgia Department of Transportation and should not be considered a part of this RFI.


SPC maintains a Building, Land & Lease Inventory of Property (BLLIP), an interactive web-based geographical information system, which includes information regarding each property in the State’s real estate portfolio.  Users are able to, search and prepare reports using real time information about State-owned and leased properties and buildings as well as other assets.

Background: Broadband Strategic Leasing Program RFI

In 2018 the Governor signed into law Senate Bill 402, the Ace Act, which directed the Georgia Technology Authority (“GTA”) to establish and implement policies and programs necessary to coordinate state-wide efforts to promote and facilitate deployment of broadband services and other emerging communications technologies throughout the state.  The Ace Act specifically authorized GTA, in conjunction with SPC, to conduct an analysis of any state assets, including real property and structures thereon, that may be leased or otherwise utilized for broadband services deployment.

Objectives: Broadband Strategic Leasing Program RFI. The primary goal of this RFI is to obtain information and recommendations from knowledgeable industry sources on how SPC should:

  • Identify and quantify State properties, by property type, that may be of interest to be leased by broadband companies
  • Identify property characteristics, by property type, that broadband companies target for installation of their infrastructure
  • Identify property selection criteria, by property type, that broadband companies use to select location for their infrastructure.
  • Identify property data requirements, by property type, used by site selection professionals
  • Identify program design and operations requirements of a competitive leasing program
  • Identify business model approaches to develop a go to market strategy to maximize portfolio potential
  • Identify best practices for a broadband strategic leasing program
  • Develop a revenue model with revenue potential
  • Develop the report and recommendations

Bill Price



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