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July 8 - Broadband Consultant - The Ferry County and Colville Confederated Tribes Broadband Action Team (BAT)

Carol A Brunner

July 8 - Broadband Consultant - The Ferry County and Colville Confederated Tribes Broadband Action Team (BAT)

Broadband Consultant

The Ferry County and Colville Confederated Tribes Broadband Action Team (BAT) is seeking a Broadband Consultant and/or Services on a contract agreement basis. This is a Request for Qualifications (RFQ).

Background: Much of Ferry County, including parts the Colville Reservation lacks reliable, widespread internet and broadband access. Not only is this inequitable access of broadband services the root cause of many of this region’s insurmountable barriers to 21st century community and economic development but is proven to be undesirable by a majority of area residents. So, Ferry County and the Colville Confederated Tribes collaborating as a BAT to strategically plan for better access to and expansion of broadband internet across Ferry County. 

Purpose: Ferry County, in collaboration with the Colville Tribes will continue to leverage the BAT in order to achieve better planning success that leads to both implementation and construction projects. The Broadband Consultant will work with this collaborative gesture along with the Declaration Network Group’s involvement as a Microsoft partner through the Airband Initiative to strengthen the area’s market assessment, using a mixed methods approach to data collection (qualitative and quantitative) and data analysis, which will result in a more detailed and objective evaluation to determine internet speeds, market implications, feasibility, and a plan of action for purposed broadband implementation strategies for this region, its communities, and it’s business ecosystems.

Terms of this Agreement: The Ferry County BAT has identified several consulting needs that are summarized below. The successful consultant and the Ferry County and the Colville Confederated Tribes BAT will further refine the scope of work and schedule during the contract negotiation process.

Services to be provided: Services may include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Facilitate Joint Planning with the BAT Team and its Stakeholders
  2. Host at least four public meetings, two in North County and two on the Colville Reservation; specifically in the communities of Keller, Republic, Curlew, and Inchelium.
  3. Identify Industry Role Models and Best Practices
  4. Perform Local Market Analysis
  5. Inventory and Map Local Infrastructure and Demand (or Need)
  6. Model Broadband Infrastructure Expansion Projects
  7. Perform Business Case Evaluation on Each Expansion Model
  8. Identify and Recommend Funding Options for Each Expansion Model
  9. Recommend an Action Plan
  10. Facilitate Adoption of Metrics and Follow-Up.

    Timeline: This contract is anticipated to last six months.

    Qualifications: Please provide the following information organized in the same order as listed. Failure to provide enough information may lead to the Ferry County BAT determination that the consultant’s qualifications are not responsive to this Request for Qualifications (RFQ).
  1. Letter of Interest and Introduction – Please describe your interest in the anticipated scope of work.
  2. Qualifications and Prior Performance – Provide information, including references, on two to three other projects the firm has been involved in in the last 3-5 years that are considered to be similar to the anticipated scope of work. Provide a sample of a prior study as Appendix A.
  3. Project Management – Identify the project manager and any additional sub-consultants to be used on the project. Provide a summary of qualifications and experience for the project manager and other consultants including work on similar studies. Identify to what extent travel expenses could affect the project cost. Describe the project management approach to be used, including how costs will be managed and controlled. 
  4. Proposed Staff – List the experience and number of years with the firm for the key members of the proposed staff. Also include the experience of any proposed sub-consultant staff. Local experience and prior experience with Ferry County BAT and/or rural communities is considered desirable. Resumes may be included as Appendix B.
  5. Staff Availability – Demonstrate your ability to provide the proposed staff for the studies and the ability to perform the anticipated scope of work in a timely manner. Indicate your anticipated schedule following the receipt of the Notice to Proceed, including total duration of the project to completion.
  6. Demonstrate Your Understanding of the Ferry County BAT’s Needs – List and briefly describe what you think are important issues and what your approach would be for successful completion of the anticipated scope of work.  Include a discussion of schedule and milestones that may impact the timely completion of the studies. 

    Proposed Contract and Agreement: The Ferry County BAT has included a proposed Contract for Professional Services and a Non-Disclosure Agreement in this RFQ.  The consultant shall indicate if it is willing to execute the Ferry County BAT’s proposed Contract and Agreement with or without exceptions. 

    Payment Rates: The pay range for all Consultant Services will commensurate with qualifications and experience level.

    Qualification Submission Format and Deadline: The consultant’s qualifications shall be submitted as a single PDF document, not to exceed 40 letter sized pages. Graphics shall be kept to a minimum. Appendices for references and resumes will not be counted in the page totals. Send qualifications (via email) to: William Folks at [login to unmask email]

    Qualifications submitted by other means will not be accepted. Qualifications submitted after July 12th at 5pm (PST) will not be accepted.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Thank you. 


Sarah Reaveley, M.S.D.

Grants Administration and Research

WSU Ferry County Extension / Ferry County Sunrise

147 North Clark, Republic, WA 99166

Phone: (509) 350 -2182 or Email: [login to unmask email]