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Partnership Opportunity for Leasing of Port-Owned Optical Fiber Infrastructure

Carol A Brunner

Partnership Opportunity for Leasing of Port-Owned Optical Fiber Infrastructure

The Port of Ridgefield plans to build approximately 42 miles of dark fiber in a loop through Ridgefield and the areas north and south, along the I-5 corridor. The fiber will pass through most of the Port District’s existing commercial and industrial areas, as well as areas reserved for future economic development initiatives.  The Port seeks to work with potential partners that are interested in leasing some or all of the Port’s planned fiber to make affordable and scalable, Gigabit-class broadband available to businesses, economic development areas, first-responder facilities, and other community anchor institutions (CAIs) in the Ridgefield area, as well as to residences. The Port issues this Request for Information (RFI) to solicit ideas and informal proposals from private sector entities that may have an interest in working with the Port in this regard, potentially by leasing Port-owned fiber assets and by building their own assets within the Port District. The information gleaned from this RFI process will help guide the Port’s planning and investment in communications infrastructure, generate favorable terms for public-private collaboration that encourage new investment, and enhance the value of the investment that existing private providers have already made in the Port District. The Port hopes this initiative will support and accelerate private providers’ efforts to improve broadband service options in the County. This RFI offers background regarding this effort (Section II); a description of the development efforts taking place in the region (Section III), a brief summary of the Port’s policy goals (Section IV); and a description of the planned fiber route (Section V). It then explains the RFI response format and process in the final sections.

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  • Port of Ridgefield - Final RFI - 20190118.pdf (6154.5k)