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City of Hillsboro Municipal Internet Service - Marketing Plan

Ancilla C Brady

City of Hillsboro Municipal Internet Service - Marketing Plan

The City of Hillsboro seeks proposals from qualified marketing communications firms to work with the City to create a marketing plan for the launch and continued growth of new municipal internet service as described in the Scope of Work.

Proposals must be submitted by email, to the Contact at the email address below. Late responses will not be considered. 


The City of Hillsboro, Oregon, is launching an affordable high-speed internet service to ensure that every resident, business, nonprofit, and community group has access to download speeds of at least 1 gigabit per second. Implementation will begin with the new South Hillsboro neighborhood and grow to all areas of the City, with specific focus on outreach to residents, nonprofits, and businesses in low-income areas. The City-owned fiber network we've already built to serve government functions will begin powering public WiFi service in historic Downtown Hillsboro and in gathering spaces around the City this summer.

 Experience with municipal fiber services marketing or municipal utility services marketing is preferred.

 Scope of Work (in order of delivery)

  1. Service name and brand. Research and recommend a name for the service. Create brand description, logo, brand colors and fonts, all of which relate to the existing City of Hillsboro brand.
  2. Marketing plan. Assess, research, and prepare a strategic marketing plan that sets the foundation for an ongoing, scalable program for launch through phased implementation and expansion of the service area into additional neighborhoods. Plan will include:
    • measurable goals
    • key messages
    • audiences
    • strategies and tactics for launch, along with who is responsible for each tactic
    • strategies and tactics for first year of growth, along with who is responsible for each tactic
    • estimated timeline for launch and first-year rollout
    • budget for launch and first-year rollout
  • Online application and search for bid number is 201805-10018.
  • Contact

    Greg Mont | Information Services Director

    City of Hillsboro, Oregon

    phone 503-681-5401 | email [login to unmask email]