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The Port of Whitman County, WA

Carol Brunner

The Port of Whitman County, WA

The Port of Whitman County, WA state is evaluating a FTTH project for small rural communities in eastern WA state.

The Port leases dark fiber to companies interested in providing services in Whitman County.  The Port currently has over 200
miles of plant leasing to LEC, CLEC, ISP companies.  The plant is leased unit based by the foot or mile per strand.

The Port is looking at expanding its fiber plant into a FTTH model.  In keeping with our existing business plan we are exploring a dark
fiber FTTH solution where companies can lease fiber from the Port to the premise.  We are looking for companies who can supply intimate knowledge of pricing structures for these types of arrangements sharing projections and cash flow information.

Please contact:

Joe Poire

Executive Director

Port of Whitman County

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