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FTTH networks are now available to more than 15 percent of homes, and more than 9 million households across North America are now connected directly into high-speed, high-bandwidth fiber networks. Thousands more connections being made every day. As FTTH service providers continue their deployments and add customers, we are now getting a glimpse of what the new era of next-generation broadband will mean for the consumers who use them.

Just as the evolution from dial-up Internet to DSL and cable modem brought in a variety of innovations and applications -- such as You Tube and Skype -- so, too, will the leap to symmetrical bandwidth of 100 megabits per second and more. FTTH is already having an impact on how people live, work and play. How will it change your life?

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Our Mission

The Fiber Broadband Association's mission is to accelerate deployment of all-fiber networks by demonstrating how fiber-enabled applications and solutions create value for network operators and their customers, promote economic development and enhance quality of life.

Our Vision

The vision of the Fiber Broadband Association is to be the voice for ultra high-speed networks throughout the Americas.