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The Fiber Broadband Association's Fiber Certification recognizes operators for their commitment to ensuring customers receive the fastest, most reliable broadband services—connectivity delivered over "future-proof" fiber networks.

badges.pngWhy become a certified fiber network operator?

Consumers and businesses everywhere are clamoring for the fastest, most reliable broadband service. Fiber broadband is the proven gold standard. This certification program is designed to help our fiber network operator members highlight the critical work they are doing to bring all-fiber connectivity to those they serve. It's a way to identify those who are truly bringing the best to their communities.

Is my network eligible?

To be eligible for All-Fiber Certification, network operators must be a member of the Fiber Broadband Association and must have marketed fiber networks to 90% or more of customers, delivered either through PON or Active Ethernet, and exhibited a high-level strategic commitment to all-fiber deployment. If a network operator member has not marketed 90%, but has marketed to at least 70% of customers,  they are eligible for a Fiber Certification.

"Strategic Commitment" is defined as the ratio of the total number of residential households to which fiber services are marketed divided by total residential households to which services are marketed, all within the operator's entire local access network. Ex: if you market fiber to 90,000 households within a 100,000 household network, you are qualified to be All-Fiber. 


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