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Broadband Regulation

The Fiber Broadband Association believes that by reducing regulation, we can propel investment in all-fiber infrastructure.  In the past, the Fiber Broadband Association has urged regulators to: not mandate unbundling of fiber facilities; not impose onerous open internet requirements on broadband providers; not require battery back up in all-fiber networks; and not regulate the prices for business data services provided over all-fiber facilities. In addition, the Fiber Broadband Association advocates for the removal of public and private barriers to investment, such as unreasonable fees for access to poles and rights of way and unreasonable franchise requirements.

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FTTH Council's FCC Petition on Gigabit Communities Race-to-the-Top Program
Topic: Broadband Regulation
Owner: David C. St. John
Date: 2013-07-23

The Fiber-to-the-Home Council Americas petition to the Federal Communications Commission to institute a rulemaking proceeding to adopt rules to establish and implement a Gigabit Communities Race-to-the-Top Program (“Program”) to distribute a discrete amount of universal service catalyst funding (“Catalyst Funds”) in communities each year for five years beginning in 2014. The Program would support the deployment of ultra-high-speed networks with symmetrical gigabit services for community anchor institutions and their surrounding related neighborhoods in Tier II and Tier III markets within two years from the distribution of Catalyst Funds. In turn, these networks will accelerate the creation of a new generation of transformational applications that will promote more rapid investment in and deployment of ultra-high-speed networks across the country. In the end, this virtuous cycle of innovation and investment in both demand and supply will enhance economic development and job creation, furthering the United States’ global leadership and international competitiveness.

Download File   Fiber to the Home Council Petition for Rulemaking July 23, 2013.pdf

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