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Community Investment Incentives

Communities want and need high performance, future-proof all-fiber networks. Many are working with the Fiber Broadband Association, state broadband agencies, providers, consultants and other entities to drive investments by potential network operators — be they the local incumbent, a competitive entrant or even the community itself.  Communities are creating a compendium of best practices which the Fiber Broadband Association will track and make available.

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FBA Statement and Letter on the Future of the C-Band and Fiber Investment
Topic: Broadband Regulation
Owner: Carol A Brunner
Date: 2019-07-26

FBA Statement on the Future of the C-Band and Fiber Investment - released July 26th, 2019


Earlier this month, various stakeholders in the FCC’s C-Band proceeding proposed using re-allocation of this spectrum to facilitate the transition to a nationwide terrestrial (fiber) video program delivery network for all multichannel video program distributors, which currently access this programming via C-Band satellites.  Today, the Fiber Broadband Association filed a letter with the Federal Communications Commission supporting using the C-Band proceeding to develop such a network.  The following statement can be attributed to Lisa R. Youngers, President & CEO of the Fiber Broadband Association:


“Over the past decade, video programmers have been transitioning from satellite to fiber delivery, almost exclusively in urban areas.  But rural multichannel video program distributors (MVPDs) need access to the same future-proof, high-performance capabilities that only fiber networks can offer.  The FCC’s C-Band proceeding provides an opportunity to expedite the transition to fiber delivery, and various providers have offered proposals that would make a state-of-the-art nationwide fiber delivery network real.  Further, by taking advantage of this opportunity, the FCC would accelerate the goal of connecting all Americans to the most robust broadband platform – fiber – which would enable more people to have economic, social, and educational opportunities so vital in the 21st Century.”


Download File   FCC C-Band Letter (FINAL 7-26-19).pdf

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