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Community Investment Incentives

Communities want and need high performance, future-proof all-fiber networks. Many are working with the Fiber Broadband Association, state broadband agencies, providers, consultants and other entities to drive investments by potential network operators — be they the local incumbent, a competitive entrant or even the community itself.  Communities are creating a compendium of best practices which the Fiber Broadband Association will track and make available.

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How to File Expressions of Interest
Topic: Broadband Regulation
Owner: Carol Brunner
Date: 2014-03-04

On January 30th, the Federal Communications Commission announced a series of initiatives designed to forward the transition of telecom networks from legacy TDM-based to IP-based.  As part of these initiatives, the FCC emphasized that it wanted all Americans to benefit from this transition, including those living in rural, high-cost areas.  To that end, the FCC has called for entities to submit expressions of interest in providing high capacity broadband to rural areas in both price cap and rate of return territories.

 Most importantly, the FCC is encouraging participation in these experiments from as many different entities as possible including incumbents, competitive LECs, munis and utilities.  You do not need to be an ETC at the time of filing of the expresssions of interest, but must be prepared to become one if later on you submit an application for a grant that is accepted.  

 On February 6, the FCC released information as to the eligible areas for these experiments in price cap ILEC territories (Rate of return areas are not yet available).  Please go to to download the list of potential census blocks. 

Here’s how to file:

Nonbinding Expressions of Interest are due March 7, 2014. They should be filed as a letter in WC Docket No. 10-90, although they will consider additional expressions of interest on a rolling basis after that date.

 Information to be included in an expression of interest might include, but not be limited to:

 The nature of the submitting entity or entities (e.g., incumbent LEC, municipality, utility,cable operator, wireless provider)

 Identification of the proposed service area for the experiment, including census block number, with any relevant information regarding the number of locations that could be served, including schools, libraries, and other anchor institutions

 The broadband technology or technologies to be deployed

 Contemplated service offerings (e.g., description of voice service, broadband speed tiers, nature of video service, if any) and pricing of such offerings

 If known, expected State and/or local or Tribal governmental participation in and/or support for the project (e.g., expedited permitting, access to rights of way, matching funds, etc.)

 Whether the proposal is expected to require one-time or continuing funding and a high-level 


Download File   How to File Expressions of Interest.docx

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