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Multiple Dwelling Units (MDU's)

Residents in multi-unit buildings want access to ultra-high speed broadband service, and they want to be able choose among providers to get the best service at the best price.  For the most part, building owners and managers work with their residents to provide this choice because they understand the importance of ultra-high speed broadband service.  However, at times, building owners and managers either block or limit choice for no apparent or sufficient reason.  In those cases, the Fiber Broadband Association believes residents need a government backstop to provide a fair and reasonable process to enable choice, while enabling providers to control their facilities and enter into agreements with building owners and managers that drive the deployment of ultra-high speed networks.

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Ways to Solve the MDU Challenge of Deploying Fiber to the Subscriber
Topic: Multiple Dwelling Units
Owner: FBA Administrator
Date: 2011-08-15


The business case of today’s fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) deployments is often greatly influenced by the ability to deploy fiber effectively to the end user living in multidwelling units (MDUs). Reaching several customers by installing a single-fiber network for the whole building is surely attractive to obtain a quick ROI. However, there are some critical considerations to be made before the deployment starts and various challenges to overcome once the build-out has started.

This white paper by Dr. Thomas Knuth, Program Manager, Global MDU Corning Cable Systems, reviews the main factors influencing the decision to choose the right MDU architectures. It describes key lessons learned from recent global deployments and provide tools that have been developed to make key decisions correctly from the beginning. These tools have proven to be successful in improving the MDU business case. 



Download File   white_paper_ways_to_solve_the_mdu_challenge_final.pdf

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