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Rural Broadband

The Fiber Broadband Association advocates for policies to encourage the deployment of all-fiber networks in rural areas.  People living in rural communities deserve the same broadband performance received by urban consumers so they have robust access to all economic, educational, and healthcare resources.  As such, we support requiring that Universal Service Funds be used to deploy all-fiber networks to the premises.  By pursuing such an approach, the government will avoid duplicate or wasteful government investment as the bandwidth necessary to ensure comparable levels of services increases.

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FTTH Council Comments to FCC on High Cost Fund
Topic: Rural Broadband
Owner: FBA Administrator
Date: 2011-11-28

Maintaining the High-Cost universal service fund is critical to ensuring that the nation’s broadband universal service goals are achieved, according to a document filed today with the Federal Communications Commission by the Fiber-to-the-Home Council.

The Commission is considering severely reducing the High-Cost portion of the Universal Service Fund that supports rural carriers who currently provide broadband services in high-cost areas, and replacing it with a Connect America Fund (CAF), the aim of which would be to bring broadband to only unserved areas at a level of bandwidth that is generally below what is available in most urban and suburban communities – with a standard of about 4 megabits per second for download and 1 megabit for uploading.

Download File   ftth_council_comments_on_fcc_high_cost_fund.pdf

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