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Fiber Broadband Association Board Members Responsibilities and Accountabilities

The Fiber Broadband Association plays a significant role in promoting the development of FTTH and other all-fiber networks. It has an operating budget of over $3 Million and represents over 300 members. The Board of Directors is responsible for effectively representing the members of the Fiber Broadband Association and assuring that proper oversight and strategic direction is provided. Effective and committed Board members are needed to bring experienced strategic thinking, financial acumen, executive leadership and general business experience to ensure the continued advancement of the FBA. Board members also provide guidance to the FBA’s full-time staff members for meeting the FBA’s five-year strategic plan and the goals of each annual Operating Plan. Board members assume a fiduciary responsibility for proper governance of this not-for-profit market interest group. 

Commitments and Accountabilities 

Expected Board Member Resource Commitment and Performance Levels include: 

  • Attending Fiber Broadband Association Board meetings, both face-to-face and conference calls. The performance metric is 75% attendance of conference calls and an objective of 100% attendance at face-to-face Board meetings. Performance of Board duties (other than for Board officers) is estimated to consume about 10 hours per month (exclusive of travel time to face-to-face meetings or all day sessions). 
  • Traveling on the member company’s budget to Board meetings, including any regional meetings, the Annual Conference & Expo and the 4th quarter Strategy Session, and for speaking engagements representing the FBA (as they may arise) and other meetings associated with Board membership. 
  • Interacting in a professional manner with all other the Board members, FBA staff, and members. Board members are expected to serve as examples of professional conduct during the execution of their duties. 
  • Representing the views of the Fiber Broadband Association in all public arenas when representing the Association, regardless of any opinions or conflicts with the positions of (the Board member’s employer) your member company. 
  • Following the Association’s Anti-Trust Guidelines. 
  • Serving as Board liaison with one of the Fiber Broadband Association's committees, which will require preparation time and conference call participation. 
  • Preparing for Board meetings by reviewing financial documents, contracts, strategic plans, conference plans ahead of board meeting, which will require about 2 hours of preparation for each Board meeting. 

Key measurements- 

  • Board conference call attendance (75%) 
  • Board meeting attendance (objective 100%) 
  • Represented committee conference call attendance (75%) 

Reporting relationship- Fiber Broadband Association members 

Compensation/staff- None 

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Our Mission

The Fiber Broadband Association's mission is to accelerate deployment of all-fiber access networks by demonstrating how fiber-enabled applications and solutions create value for service providers and their customers, promote economic development and enhance quality of life.

Our Vision

The vision of the Fiber Broadband Association is to be the voice for ultra high-speed networks throughout the Americas.