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National Broadband Plan

The FTTH Council submitted a wealth of information to the Federal Communications Commission during its consideration of a National Broadband Plan. These include two studies by the telecommunications strategy consultant CSMG -- one outlining the projected cost of wiring up the country with FTTH, and the other exploring the range of next-generation digital services and applications that will likely come about as a result of the proliferation of all-fiber networks in the U.S.

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CSMG Study on Applications Enabled by Next-Generation Broadband
Topic: National Broadband Plan
Owner: FBA Administrator
Date: 2011-11-28

A study for the FTTH Council, performed by the telecommunications strategy consulting firm CSMG, on future applications that all-fiber networks will make possible and their value.  The study was submitted to the Federal Communications Commission by the Council as it considers a National Broadband Plan.

Download File   CSMG_NBP_Policy_Evaluation_Study_2nov09_FINAL.pdf