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National Broadband Plan

The FTTH Council submitted a wealth of information to the Federal Communications Commission during its consideration of a National Broadband Plan. These include two studies by the telecommunications strategy consultant CSMG -- one outlining the projected cost of wiring up the country with FTTH, and the other exploring the range of next-generation digital services and applications that will likely come about as a result of the proliferation of all-fiber networks in the U.S.

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CSMG Study on FTTH Deployment Costs
Topic: National Broadband Plan
Owner: FBA Administrator
Date: 2011-11-28

A study from CSMG. a strategy consulting firm specialized in telecommunications and technology, that Corning and the FTTH Council presented to the Federal Communications Commisson on October 13, 2009 concerning the cost of deploying FTTH across the US.  Based on real experience in deploying FTTH networks, it shows that investment requirements for FTTH have decreased substantially over the past few years and vary considerably depending on the topography being served.

Download File   FTTH_Deployment_Assessment_-_Corning_10_12_09_FINAL.pdf