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Building a Network

Once a community is ready to have world-leading bandwidth, they must make some choices. From determining the appropriate business model for local conditions, to determining the level of involvement and requirements for that network, to finding a provider and implementing the build. The resources here will help.

Developing a Request for Proposal
The RFP is the tool responders will use to supply you with products and services that will best satisfy your needs. To be successful, they will need a clear and concise understanding of what your community is trying to accomplish.

Finding a Provider
Initiating contract negotiations for a community-led broadband deployment is, in terms of procurement regulations, essentially the same as any other large-scale procurement. While the technologies and individual elements of the agreement will vary from community to community, state and municipal procurement policies must be followed. Here are some considerations and an example from Google Fiber and Kansas City.

Managing the Deployment
After sorting out project management and contract details, it is important to be aware of the physical limitations and challenges of actually laying out and deploying the fiber. Different building sizes, locations and materials warrant different methods. Here you will find resources, strategies and approaches that address the different types of fiber deployments and installations.