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The Value

Better applications and innovative services drive our needs for faster speeds and more bandwidth. Telecommunications providers and communities that are thinking about the future are thinking about how they can keep up with these demands. The benefits of deploying gigabit broadband over fiber are wide-ranging, as Google representatives and Kansas City leaders discuss in the video below.

A CNN report from December 2012 highlights the benefits of Google Fiber for Kansas City, particularly for drawing bandwidth-hungry, high-tech entrepreneurs to the area.


  1. Next-Generation Applications over Ultra-High Speed NetworksThe FTTH Council Americas commissioned this study by CSMG to explore the kinds of cutting-edge applications all-fiber networks will power.

  2. Presentation - Why All-Fiber Gigabit Networks Matter to Your Community: This presentation, created by the Fiber-to-the-Home Council Americas, discusses how increasingly sophisticated telecommunications services and applications are driving an acceleration of bandwidth needs, and how telecom providers and communities need to be thinking how they are going to keep up with these demands.

  3. The Transformative Effects of FTTP: Strategic Network Group reports on the types of economic benefits that all-fiber networks can bring to communities.

  4. Presentation - The Impact of North American FTTH Deployments: Michael Render of RVA, LLC presented on the impact of FTTH in North America at our Community Toolkit Conference in 2013.