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Building the Financial Market

There are a number of ways communities can help to manage costs and increase potential revenues associated with building out next generation networks

Cost to Deploy

The consulting group CSMG has prepared this study on the costs of deploying all-fiber networks, and how the per household costs have declined over the years.

Cost to deploy

Example of An Initial Financial Spreadsheet

Courtesy of the Blandin Foundation.
Example of an initial financial spreadsheet

Successful Strategies for FTTH

With consumers need for bandwidth continually growing, service providers are challenged with finding a cost-effective means to meet this demand. Fiber to the Home (FTTH) has quickly become the answer for many service providers. This recorded webinar showcases some of the latest advancements in FTTH technology and shows how service providers can make this a cost-effective solution to expand their reach and service area. The webinar page also includes a cost and ROI worksheet for download.

Successful Strategies for FTTH