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Estimating Demand

If your community would like to gather household and business demand data to present to service providers or local policymakers, FTTH Council has been given permission by Gig U to provide FTTH Council members access to a Demand Identification website creation tool developed by Gig U. The purpose of the site you will create is to gather leads from a community—information from residents, MDUs and businesses--to help incent providers to invest in a next generation network and help local policymakers understand the demand for next generation networks and services in their communities.

The tool allows you to build customizable web pages you can access from your website. The unified theme of the pages is “Upgrade My Community”.

You must be a FTTH Member to use the demand aggregation tool to build pages, click here to login.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Council, please contact or click here to visit our Membership page.