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Identifying Your Assets

Network upgrade and build-out costs include physical assets and construction costs as well as transaction costs such as the time and effort put into gathering information and working through local regulatory processes. By sharing existing data, adjusting policies related to broadband network deployment and contributing staff and other administrative assets, communities can reduce the costs associated with a network build-out.

Municipalities either own their Rights Of Way in fee, or as easements that are dedicated to the general public and managed by local authorities. In addition, many municipalities – or their anchor institutions – have access to physical assets, such as dark fiber, racks, and other spaces where communications providers can collocate equipment. These assets can be used to lower the costs of deploying or upgrading a network.


Creating a Dig Once Policy - US Examples:

A Brief Assessment: The Current State of Dig-Once Policy in the U.S.

Creating the Business Case for FTTH In Your Community

Atlantic Telephone Membership Corporation (ATMC) is the largest telecom cooperative in North Carolina and one of the largest in the country. ATMC has long felt that fiber to the home is a vital part of its future as a broadband provider.

Download the ATMC's case study here

Creating the Business Case for FTTH In your Community

Creating an Asset Inventory

In today’s market, the total costs to the network provider for an upgrade or new deployment often outweigh the benefits. This reality reflects the network providers’ investment equation, in which incremental capital expenditures and operating expenses outweigh the incremental risk adjusted benefits. Communities face the challenge of reversing that equation. To change the math, communities can revise existing policy and regulatory procedures to use their assets to lower costs and increase potential revenues. A critical step to “changing the math” is to determine which assets exist in your community and how they can be used to alter the equation. Gig.U has designed an assessment worksheet to help your community identify assets, to explain those assets’ relationship to the investment equation and how each asset or opportunity can be managed to create a favorable environment for investment in a next generation network project.

Creating an Asset inventory