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White Paper: Stimulating Your Fiber Deployment: Planning the Life Cycle Management of Your FTTH Rollout

Get the accompanying slide presentation here

Finance, equipment and buildout overshadow operational needs of a FTTH deployment in the early stages of a project. On first consideration, this makes perfect sense because as a percentage of capital expenditure, the OSS is insignificant when compared to the cost of fiber, equipment and labor. With the benefit of experience, another perspective emerges, which is explored in this white paper. Get the accompanying slide presentation here.

White Paper: Good Engineering Practices Relative to Broadband Deployment in Rural Areas

From the Association of Communications Engineers. Good engineering practices applicable to the deployment of telecommunications systems require sound planning and careful consideration of the overall project or system objectives, alternatives, user requirements, proposed system capabilities, available resources, restrictions or limitations, economic life cycles, public health & safety and other social impacts. This paper outlines high level engineering considerations applicable to broadband telecommunications systems, especially as they relate to the derivation of Universal Service Funds for Broadband in the United States.

White Paper:Underground Installation Methods for Fiber Optic Cables

Contractors who specialize in fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) installation can face many challenges on job sites. Many of these challenges can be tackled before the project even begins through selection of the best suited installation method. This document provides recommendations for selecting the most efficient method of installation based on key factors such as job site location, other utilities installed, and whether the cable will be direct buried or installed in conduit.

Click here to get another report on underground installation methods, including the newest techniques (such as microtrenching), equipment, and strategies for the challenge of building underground networks with minimal disruption to the community.

Fiber Testing - The Fundamentals for Successful Broadband Deployment

This document sets the test requirements for qualifying the fiber portion of a fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network prior to equipment installation and turn-up.

Smart Grid

A Key Element for Smart Electric Grids

The development of Smart Electric Grids has become essential for utilities and consumers in order to gain the efficiencies and economics necessary to support load growth, new environmental standards and keep consumer costs at reasonable levels. Fiber to the Home (FTTH) is a key element that provides the medium to connect smart consumer devices to the local utilities Smart Grid network.