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Fremco Opens Office in Chicago

Dear FTTH Council Members,

As a new member in the FTTH America, I will like to update you all with this Newsletter.  Fremco are in the development phase on the US market and with the goal to support our partners in an optimal way, we in January established our own company in US:

Fremco Fiber Blowing Machines Inc.
Our official address will from 1 April 2017 be:
875 N Michigan Ave
Suite 3950
Chicago. IL 60601 

Who is Fremco A/S

Fremco A/S is an innovative 100% Danish company. Since the mid '90s Fremco has specialized in the development and production of fiber blowing machines of exquisite quality.

This means that Fremco today offers a range of products covering all dimensions of fiber/cables and ducts.

Fremco continues to develop the best products in close collaboration with customers, duct manufacturers and cable manufacturers worldwide. This happens because Fremco wants to offer the best and most user-friendly solutions.

 Fiber blowing is compared to traditional pulling technique a very safe and effective process. Analyses shows that installation made with blown cable/ fiber into Ducts/ Microduct often are 3 times cheaper than Traditional installation!

 Over the past two decades, Fremco has accumulated huge specialized knowledge of blowing techniques based on the massive development within FTTH broadband in Scandinavia.

Concurrently, Fremco has developed a specified range of accessories through close cooperation with leading suppliers, meaning that Fremco can offer a total solution: "Your Best Solution."

 And today Fremco is the only manufacturer of fiber blowing machines in the world, who is offering a 36-months manufacturer's warranty on all machines, resulting in very attractive cost-benefit.

 As a Fremco customer you get:

●  Proven performance in extreme harsh environments

●  Machines ideal for Backbone, Access net and the FTTH.

●  Installation of fiber optic cable over long distances utilizing air or water

●  Hydraulic motors producing maximum pushing force to the cable


Ease of Use

●  Easy to operate and maintain

●  Minimum number of replaceable parts

●  Responsive customer service for maintenance and repair

●  Attention to detail design and uncomplicated construction


Competitive Design and Pricing


●  Highly competitive pricing

●  On-going new product development

●  Close collaboration between sales and factory support

We are currently looking for professional reseller in the USA and welcome any contact who will like to be a part of a great business opportunity.


Fremco Products.

In the link below you find an example of our product, the new Nanoflow. A Fiber Blowing Machine dedicated to the FTTH installation.

The machine has features like double Fiber protection, Tool free fiber loading and are prepared for blowing of preconnected fiber. Features not seen in the business before.

Fremco Fiber Blowing Machines Inc

Kim Hermann Kallestrup Vice president.

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