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We mean it when we say that “Accelerating the fiber future” isn’t just a tagline.

FBA Files Comments on Accelerating Broadband Deployment


We mean it when we say that “Accelerating the fiber future” isn’t just a tagline. The Fiber Broadband Association (FBA) took action last week to accelerate and support broadband deployment, submitting comments to the FCC regarding the notice of proposed rulemaking on docket number 17-84.


FBA commended the FCC’s efforts towards removing regulatory roadblocks to nationwide broadband deployment. Demand for higher-performance broadband service is rising across the country, and broadband service providers are rapidly deploying all-fiber networks to help meet that demand. Removing barriers to broadband deployment—such as excessively restrictive regulatory conditions and onerous demands from entities that own or control critical infrastructure—not only gets projects moving and delivering to America’s consumers, businesses, and institutions, but also saves precious time and money while doing so.


FBA also offered significant barrier-reducing steps to help make that happen. First, FBA suggested that the Commission should amend its pole attachment rules to address practices of many pole owners and existing attachers that delay and increase the cost of access. Second, FBA urged the Commission to repeal the 2015 network change notification rule, which imposes an unnecessary and costly process, thereby hindering investment in fiber infrastructure. Third, FBA proposed that the Commission adopt criteria that can be used to readily determine which state and local laws and regulations violate Section 253 of the Communications Act and inhibit broadband deployment.


“The Commission's effort to streamline regulations is essential to deploying robust fiber networks that are capable of meeting the needs of communities throughout the U.S.,” said FBA President and CEO Heather Burnett Gold. “Our proposals offer immediate steps that the FCC can take to provide the regulatory relief needed so providers can deliver faster, more affordable and more accessible broadband to consumers and businesses alike.”



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