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The FTTH Council Applauds the Chairman's Leadership to Drive the Deployment of All-fiber Networks

The Fiber to the Home Council Americas applauds the Chairman's leadership to drive the deployment of all-fiber networks and urges him to make all-fiber deployment a priority in structuring the Connect America Fund (CAF) competitive bidding process.  Just last year, the Commission took major steps to ensure rural consumers and their communities have all-fiber networks, including by providing support for high-performance networks as part of the Rural Broadband Experiments and encouraging the construction of future-proof broadband networks in last December’s CAF Order. As the Commission's Wireline Competition Bureau adopts a framework for the CAFcompetitive bidding process, the Commission should build on the approach used in the Rural Broadband Experiments program and first hold a “fiber-only” reverse auction, permitting all providers to participate and selecting winning bidders based on a cost-effectiveness standard.  This is a prime opportunity to enable high-performance broadband service for rural areas that will drive economic growth, social involvement, and political engagement. We look forward to working with the Commission on this issue.

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