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The FTTH Council Americas Applauds President Obama's Commitment

Today President Obama will announce steps that he will discuss in the State of the Union to help more Americans, in more communities around the country, get access to fast and affordable broadband. The following statement was issued to the media yesterday from Heather Burnett Gold, President of the Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Council Americas:


The FTTH Council Americas applauds President Obama's commitment to promoting next generation network deployments, announced on the campus of our member Cedar Falls Utilities. We have long supported -- and championed -- the creative partnerships between communities, private companies and nonprofits for bringing fiber to their homes. From Chattanooga, TN to Kansas City, MO and KS, to Quitman, MS — every community has a unique set of assets that can accelerate investments in essential, all-fiber networks. And every community must be able to use those assets in the manner best suited to their economic situation and citizens.  We look forward to working with the President on his plan.

 For more information on what will be included in today's announcement, please see the following fact sheet released by the White House:

White House Fact Sheet: Broadband That Works: Promoting Competition & Local Choice In Next-Generation Connectivity 

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