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Podcast: Alianza rides wave of growth and change in CPaaS market

“At Alianza, with our mission, we are all about helping people to connect in new and innovative ways,” says Alianza CEO and Founder, Brian Beutler. In this podcast we learn how Alianza marked many new millstones in 2018, having achieved a level of 50% year of over year growth. Beutler discusses not only the rapid expansion of his firm, but also the larger transformation of CPaaS. “Our vision for Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) is a communications platform that is a one stop shop for everything a real time communication as a service provider would want to consume.” Beutler notes that the movement to the cloud includes the enterprise, and the service provider. In both cases, IT leadership are losing their attachment to a premises-based structure and embracing the cloud. Beutler discusses  Clark Peterson’s appointment to the Alianza board (Alianza Deepens UCaaS and CPaaS Expertise With Addition of Clark Peterson to Board of Directors), and how the appointment brings unique cloud pioneering expertise to the company’s leadership. Beutler outlines the company’s connections to the Cloud Communications Alliance (CCA).  Alianza outlines how his company is helping their customers retain leadership is a very competitive market.


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