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North Carolina Telco Co-Op ATMC Selects ETI’s Vision360


North Carolina Telco Co-Op ATMC Selects ETI’s Vision360
Geospatial Analytics Platform

ETI’s Vision360 empowers marketing team, eliminates silos by integrating four disparate databases into one powerful business intelligence tool

ATLANTA, GA – OCTOBER 18, 2016ETI Software Solutions is proud to announce that Atlantic Telephone Membership Cooperative (ATMC) has selected ETI’s Vision Analytics, a geospatial analytics reporting platform to identify and predict a wide variety of subscriber sales, service penetration and monetization trends that will drive more effective market strategies and growth. Vision Analytics, one piece of the Vision360 turnkey solution set, is a collaboration with ETI's long-time technology partner and Esri Gold partner, Geographic Technologies Group (Goldsboro, NC).  Vision Analytics is integrated to GIS industry-leader Esri and their ArcGIS platform.

“Telcos amass a huge amount of subscriber behavioral data, that if harnessed correctly, can identify sales characteristics and trends that can improve market analysis and campaign efforts,” said Brad Hine, Product Manager, ETI Software. “With most telcos, this data lives independently of each other: OSS, billing, engineering, ticketing. But when it is joined through multi-system integration, opportunities for growing revenue are exposed.”

“The ability to segment your market into logical subscriber groups based on common characteristics and areas is critical,” said Kris Ward, Residential Dev & Special Projects Manager, ATMC. “And because over 90% of our customer data relies on location, we will be better able to target our campaign efforts towards mutual profile, demographics and geographic commonalities.”

“ETI has been our software integration partner for many years and we have trusted them to provision all of our technologies – voice, video and high speed data,” said Jody Heustess, ATMC, VP of Marketing. “Now the time has come to monetize that network and Vision360 will help us do that by taking flat data from separate databases and integrating it into a single, unified geospatial view,” he continued. “This real-time data will then be used to analyze and predict sales trends, create and monitor marketing campaigns, and make faster business-level decisions that affect market share.”

“ATMC’s marketing team is staying ahead of its competition by integrating, automating and analyzing its own data to grow revenue,” said Frank Gine, President and COO, ETI Software. “It is a great example of how ETI Software has evolved from a back-office provisioning product set to an executive-level end-to-end solution.”  

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About ETI Software Solutions: A global leader in communications technology and services for over 20 years, ETI Software Solutions delivers the tools telecom providers need to manage complex systems more efficiently, reduce operating costs and ensure optimal quality of service. For more information, visit MailScanner has detected a possible fraud attempt from "" claiming to be

About ATMC:  ATMC provides a multitude of communications services, including telephone, business systems, wireless, Internet/Broadband, cable television service, and ATMC Security, in Brunswick County and Columbus County, NC. Founded as a cooperative in 1957, ATMC serves more than 37,000 members and employs over 200 local residents. ATMC is the largest telephone cooperative in North Carolina and one of the largest in the country.


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