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NewDawn Fiber Brings Gigabit Internet to Excelsior Springs

Excelsior Springs, MO


Contact: Kennis Mann, 816-205-4660

 July 11, 2016

 NewDawn Fiber Brings Gigabit Internet to Excelsior Springs

 NewDawn Fiber, a new communications company, has begun installing high-speed fiber in Excelsior Springs, MO, where the firm has its Operations Hub. Excelsior Springs is located about 20 miles northeast of Kansas City, MO. The community is known for its mineral waters, which first drew tourists from around the world in the 1800's and  continues as a weekend  destination  for tourists today.

 "For years the focus for high speed technology has been placed on the metro and urban areas by the large cable and phone companies," said Kennis Mann, CEO and co-founder of NewDawn Fiber. While ma ny small Rural communities have had fiber optic services for 15 to 20 years due to funding from government programs, the suburbs and communities like Excelsior Springs are left without those advancements, which are key in keeping them competitive in today's markets. "We know our efforts in providing service to these outlying areas will make a positive impact," Mann said.

 Only about eight percent  of the country has access  to these  Gigabit speeds, according   to the National Tele-Communication and Information Ad ministration. Despite the technology  having  been  around  for  at least  fifteen  years,  new  technology  has allowed  advancements  enough  that  broadening  that  opportunity  to  more  areas  is now  more  readily possible.

 According to Mann, NewDawn Fiber is looking to raise the bar by getting ahead of the curve in offering their services to a rural market. Expected to launch later this summer, the company has already provided services for the community's largest festival to use, and has plans to offer wireless internet to the downtown area, where most of the city's tourism takes place. "We are excited to announce our internet, phone and television services will be provided to the new Excelsior Springs Community Center, slated to open this fall" said Mann.

 "Technology is at the forefront of today's economy. Without access to these developments, our business environment will lack what it needs to succeed," said Jim Hampton, Clay County Economic Development Director. "With NewDawn Fiber providing access to more rural areas of the county, we can assure those business communities they will have what they need to survive:'

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