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Magellan Advisors Continues to Assist South Bay on Phase II Broadband Plan

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Monday, May 14, 2018

Contact: Devora Rodriguez

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Magellan Advisors Continues to Assist South Bay on Phase II Broadband Plan

Denver, CO, May 14, 2018 – South Bay Cities Council of Governments (SBCCOG) in Los Angeles County, CA has extended the South Bay Workforce Investment Board’s (SBWIB) contract with Magellan Advisors to solicit and evaluate proposals for a regional broadband network operator. Magellan Advisors is the nation’s leading broadband and telecommunications consulting firm, with extensive experience working with municipalities and public entities across California to create partnerships that enhance infrastructure to support high-speed fiber-optic broadband.

In July 2016, SBCCOG and the SBWIB partnered with Magellan Advisors to develop a Fiber-Optic Master Plan for the region to support business retention and layoff aversion. Magellan Advisors delivered the plan to the SBCCOG and SBWIB with recommendations to continue to work towards a regional broadband network to enhance economic development and workforce initiatives throughout the South Bay region.

SBCCOG and Magellan will work to define the services needed to create a partnership between a broadband provider and the South Bay Cities including types of services, speeds, service areas, prices, capital requirements, operating requirements and other aspects that are important to the cities. The prospective partnership will facilitate the implementation of a regional broadband network for government innovation and economic development. The partnership goal is increased access to world class gigabit speed fiber-optic internet for area governments, businesses and anchors.

SBCCOG and the SBWIB are eager to continue the efforts to support business retention, avert layoffs and increase economic development throughout the South Bay Cities. Fiber-optic internet has become a necessity to supporting business efficiency and growth, and the SBCCOG and SBWIB are dedicated to supporting the region’s needs for economic development through affordable, reliable world class broadband.


About Magellan Advisors

Magellan provides leading broadband, smart city, information technology, and security consulting services to public and private organizations. We are a full spectrum planning and implementation firm that brings together technology, communications, and utility consulting to create smart gigabit cities of tomorrow. We are only successful when our clients are successful. Our goal is to find practical broadband and technology solutions that our clients can implement in their communities. Through our services, new broadband investments totaling over $1 billion have been made, connecting more than 1,000 schools, hospitals, libraries, and governments and passing nearly 1 million homes with fiber.

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