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Google To Work With Huntsville, Alabama

Feb. 22, 2015 (Huntsville, Al.) - Today, Google announced it will be bringing its fiber product to Huntsville, Al. via the company's first public private partnership with a city which was building a network already for public purposes. For more, check out the FTTH Council's blog post. And Heather is available to speak with reporters this afternoon and tomorrow. 

 The following statement is attributable to Heather Burnett Gold, President and CEO of the Fiber to the Home Council Americas:

 We applaud Google and Huntsville for their announcement today of a public-private partnership to bring gigabit fiber to Huntsville residents. The FTTH Council believes all fiber networks are essential for communities, and that each community should have every opportunity to get better broadband. In fiber-fed communities, residents and businesses have access to a future-proof technology that is a platform for economic success and more liveable cities. Early evidence suggests that communities with widely available gigabit services have a per capita GDP that is over 1 percent higher than similarly situated communities. We are excited by this model and look forward to working with more communities, companies and leaders to find the best model for them to bring fiber home.



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