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FTTH in Latin America reached 2.66 Million Subscribers and 15 Million Homes passed in December 2014…

2015 FTTH LATAM Conference:
Chile at the Speed of Light | Chile a la Velocidad de la Luz 

17-20 March 2015 | Grand Hyatt Santiago | Santiago, Chile 


For Immediate release:

FTTH in Latin America reached 2.66 Million Subscribers and 15 Million Homes passed in December 2014…

The 6th Annual FTTH Council LATAM Conference was held in Santiago, Chile, from March 17th through March 20th, where over 500 over conference attendees, including carriers, network operators, industry experts, as well 22+ exhibitors including FTTH equipment manufacturers & solutions providers, were in record attendance.  The Conference had presentations from carriers, key note speakers and technology panels, covering topics which included: technological revolution in LAN networks; optical analysis of investment in FTTH (providers); analysis of investment in FTTH (network operators);  as well as the advantages of FTTH PON versus DSL & HFC networks.

Dr. Pedro Huichalaf Roa, Undersecretary of Telecommunications of the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications of Chile, delivered the conference opening keynote presentation. During his keynote speech, Dr. Pedro Huichalaf Roa explained that a National Telecommunications Plan must focus on infrastructure and equitable access that should exist in an information society. The Undersecretary presented the "Strategic Plan of Telecommunications in Chile", and the vision, mission, and regulatory initiatives of the Undersecretary of telecommunications (Subtel), as well as public-private sector guidelines to ensure regulation compliance to protect and benefit all Chileans. 

Dr. Pedro Huichalaf Roa also stated "when we talk to our citizens about telecommunications, we focus mainly on promoting equitable and inclusive access. We operate in an information society that must be fair to people who live in isolated or vulnerable sectors of our territory so it is necessary that all those in the telecommunications sector strengthen social and regulatory responsibility around the services delivered to citizens.” The Undersecretary went on to present a summary of the current project and future implementation of optical fiber in the southern area of Chile, which seeks to promote digital connectivity from Puerto Montt to Puerto Williams and thus comply with one of the primary missions of Subtel, which is to reduce the digital divide. “As Chilean President Michelle Bachelet announced in May 2014, this plan is focused on implementing connectivity of more than 2,500 km long and thus digitally join the Magellan with the rest of the national territory," concluded Dr. Pedro Huichalaf Roa. At the end of the second day of the conference, Roberto Linsambarth, Director of the Telecommunications Development Fund of the SUBTEL, Lic., presented the Austral Project in detail.

Other excellent keynote presentations were delivered by:  Ari Perri Falarini & Andre Krieger from Telefonica Brazil, Jorge Díaz from Mulimedios/Televisa, Andrés Tolosa from Antel Uruguay, and Dr. Hideyuki Iwata from NTT Japan,

At the end of the first day, the FTTH Council LATAM Chapter released a market study conducted by iDate that showed FTTH in Latin America has reached 2.66 million subscribers and 15 million homes passed in December 2014 with growth rates  - compared to December 2013 - of 57% + for subscribers and 46% + for homes passed at year end 2014. The forecast for FTTH in Latin America is now nearly 10.5 million subscribers for 56 million homes passed in 2019, covering 19 countries in the CALA (Caribbean/Latin America) Region. A press conference followed IDATE’s presentation held by the Executive Committee and Directors of the FTTH Council LATAM Chapter.

In another important presentation, the LATAM market was informed that Antel in Uruguay has reached the worldwide ranking on FTTH penetration, where Antel is now ranked in 5th place for FTTH subscriber country penetration. During the FTTH LATAM Conference Antel was awarded as Carrier of the year for the third straight year by the Executive Committee of the FTTH Council Americas LATAM Chapter, as the Council also presented Antel’s previous President, Carolina Cosse, with the honorable award as FTTH Latin America Professional of the Year.

At the end of the event the LATAM Chapter held a members’ meeting, followed by  a board of directors meeting where the Board approved the election of a new president. Nelson Saito will now act as the President of the FTTH Council LATAM Chapter, and Gilberto Guitarte, after 5 years as the acting President will now be the Director of Finances of the LATAM Chapter. All remaining Directors and members of the FTTH Council America LATAM Chapter board, will maintain their same positions including Heather Burnett Gold, President FTTH Council Americas; Kevin Morgan, Chairman of the Board FTTH Council Americas,; Reinaldo Jeronymo, Director of Regulatory Committee; Hector Moreno, Director of Technology; Rogerio Lopes, Director of Public Relations; and Liza Poe, Director of Marketing.

 FTTH Council LATAM Chapter – Public Relations Contact:

 Rogerio Lopes


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