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FTTH Council Statement on FCC Vote Re Nations Transition to Copper

Today, the Federal Communications Commission will vote on rules regarding the nation's transition from copper technology to IP-based networks. Below please find a statement from Fiber to the Home Council President and CEO Heather Burnett Gold:

Almost three decades ago, telecommunications networks in the U.S. began a rapid evolution that has pushed future-proof, fiber optic technology all the way to consumers’ homes and businesses. Within the next ten years, most networks – including the landline part of wireless networks – will be all-fiber because only fiber infrastructure has the capability to deliver high-performance connectivity that customers need. But rebuilding our communications infrastructure with fiber is time-consuming and expensive. It requires communities, governments, and the private sector to all pull in the same direction. The FCC’s record in this proceeding shows that all-fiber service providers and their vendors are behaving responsibly, providing sufficient customer notice and capabilities -- and consumers are not reporting any adverse effects. We applaud the Chairman and his colleagues for establishing a careful balance in today’s order between the needs of consumers with efforts continue to promote the deployment of fast, all-fiber networks throughout the United States.


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