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FTTH Council Recognizes Award Recipients During 2015 Annual Conference & Expo

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FTTH Council Recognizes Award Recipients During 2015 Annual Conference & Expo


Anaheim, California (June 29, 2015) – Today, the Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Council continued to celebrate the growth of the fiber industry at its FTTH Connect Conference by honoring exemplary individuals and organizations who have championed the advancement of the fiber-to-the-home industry this year.

The Photon Award recognizes a FTTH Council member who, through volunteer contribution, has demonstrated a high level of dedication to the organization and has contributed greatly to the industry. The 2015 winner of the Photon Award is Ian Williams, Senior Design Specialist of Telus. Ian has impressively balanced his role as a leader in his company’s deployment of fiber-to-the-home with his active role as a FTTH Council member.

The Star Award recognizes a person, community or company that has gone above and beyond what is expected in the advancement of fiber to the home. This year’s recipient of the Star Award is CSpire Communications in recognition of their expansion into rural markets across the state of Mississippi.

The Chairman’s Award, given at the discretion of the Chairman of the FTTH Council Board of Directors, singles out an individual or company that has shown tremendous effort to promote, educate or accelerate the deployment of fiber-to-the-home. The 2015 winner of the Chairman’s Award is CenturyLink, an organization that has carefully and quietly rolled out service to almost 20 communities across the United States. Since its announcement of its first Gigabit pilot in mid-2013, CenturyLink has been providing high-speed broadband service to underserved communities.

To commemorate the upcoming Gimme Fiber Day on November 4, the FTTH Council Americas has chosen Canby Telcom, serving the northern Willamette Valley of Oregon as this year’s North American “Gimme Fiber Day” Award winner. Canby Telcom is not new to building fiber-to-the-home, but by rolling out gigabit high-speed Internet last April to over 2,500 Canby addresses, it has helped build one of the first gigabit communities in the Pacific northwest. At the announcement, economic development director with the City of Canby, Renate Mengelberg called the service “…a game-changer for attracting new industry and jobs to the city.” 

“Fiber is really on fire! We are excited to honor our award recipients who have dedicated so much time and energy to advancing the fiber-to-the-home industry,” said FTTH Council President Heather Burnett Gold. “The benefits of fiber-to-the-home are truly endless – just look at our recent study on real estate evaluations – and I look forward to seeing what these individuals and organizations have in store for the future of high-speed broadband.”

About Fiber to the Home Council Americas

The Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Council Americas is a non-profit association consisting of companies and organizations that deliver video, Internet and/or voice services over high-bandwidth, next-generation, direct fiber optic connections – as well as those involved in planning and building FTTH networks.  Its mission is to accelerate deployment of all-fiber access networks by demonstrating how fiber-enabled applications and solutions create value for service providers and their customers, promote economic development and enhance quality of life.  For more information about the Council, visit






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