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FTS Fiber Partners with Think Big Networks to Bring Fiber and Gigabit Broadband Speeds to Kent County, Md.


 In January 2016, Kent County, Md. issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the design and construction of a Fiber Optic Broadband Network. Kent County’s mission was to create a fiber infrastructure that would improve connectivity to essential anchor institutions, priority funding areas, industrial parks and communities around the county. Bidders were encouraged to propose creative design recommendations for the network, particularly to connect all possible 54 sites and areas that Kent County specified in the RFP. Any additional features, services, and forward-thinking design elements would also be heavily considered. Kent County established a project timeline of up to four years with preference for an accelerated project timeline that broke the construction into phases.



In response to the RFP, FTS Fiber presented a proposal with a unique funding approach and faster timeline that exceeded Kent County’s goal of providing high-speed internet connectivity to its residents. FTS Fiber, along with other Maryland based partners, specifically Think Big Networks, proposed a solution to replace the costly, limited, and unreliable services available with the existing backbone of incumbent ISPs in Kent County. FTS Fiber’s platform offered a modernized fiber optic solution with up to 40 times more throughput than the incumbent solution that would also deliver one gigabit of Internet access to every home. Most importantly, in supporting Kent County’s objectives of maintaining a strong fiscal position and investing in technology infrastructure, our network will drive economic growth, create jobs and improve quality of life for residents and local businesses. FTS Fiber targets a rollout in three phases over the course of a year and a half.



The Kent County dark fiber backbone will be an integral part of a long haul communications network between Ashburn, Va. and Virginia Beach. This network, requested by major content providers, is part of several international cables that will be installed from Europe and South America to Virginia Beach in 2017 and 2018. Kent County and the surrounding counties on the Delmarva peninsula will serve as a gateway and international point of presence in optical transport.


About FTS Fiber
FTS Fiber is a dark fiber supplier providing carrier-class network infrastructure in both rural areas and major markets of the United States. We produce reliable and secure, neutral fiber paths for various network operators and business sectors, including content and internet providers, healthcare, education, government and real estate developers.


About Think Big Networks                                                                
Think Big Networks is an ISP based on cutting edge technologies for large bandwidth. Think Big Networks leverages the speed and reliability of a fiber based network to provide a bandwidth experience unavailable on legacy mediums.  The Think Big Networks staff has the engineering, deployment, operational, and management experience to keep networks running fast and smooth for the best end user experience.

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