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Fiber Broadband CEO Active Participant at BBWF in Berlin

Representing the successes, needs, and concerns of all-fiber Broadband providers is one of the key responsibilities of our President & CEO, Heather Burnett Gold. She demonstrated her commitment to that responsibility last week in Berlin, participating in several panels at the Broadband World Forum.

On Tuesday, October 24th, Gold presented an overview of the “Forces Driving and Thriving Fiber Deployment” as part of the day-long BASE NGPON2 preconference.  Using the data supplied by Mike Render and other reports generated by the Fiber Broadband Association, Gold laid out a case for more fiber deployment as essential for growing bandwidth demand.

On Wednesday, Gold spoke to the Women in Communications lunch, detailing her career path, her challenges, and her many successes. 

On Thursday, Gold was part of the closing session on “Predicting the Future of Next Generation Network Access and Outlining Fixed Access Evolution Strategies”, sharing the stage with three European network operators—all of whom agreed that fiber is the way to go!

The key takeaways from BBWF were:  

  1. Fiber, fiber everywhere; the Fiber Broadband Association is uniquely positioned to assist network operators as they transition from legacy networks to gain essential broadband capacity. That transition will create network opportunities and challenges for all of our members.
  1. 5G is coming. When and how remain open questions, but we know that 5G will require significant fiber deployment.
  1. The bottleneck inside the home is the number one constraint facing network operators today and over the next few years. The lack of throughput is killing the gigabit imperative as consumers struggle to experience the speeds for which they are paying.  

These items each represent areas of expertise where the Fiber Broadband Association can provide assistance as you deploy your networks.  You don’t want to miss any of our educational opportunities or events!



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