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Fiber Broadband Association Welcomes RouteThis to its Growing Membership

Washington, D.C. (October 17, 2018) — The Fiber Broadband Association (FBA) is pleased to welcome RouteThis as its newest member. Based in Kitchener, Ontario, RouteThis is a mobile-based network diagnostics solution for Smart Home and ISP support teams. Since 2013, their platform has been used to analyze over one million home networks and solve countless connectivity-related support issues, both in the United States and around the world.

“Fiber networks provide customers with the most reliable high-speed connectivity, but sometimes customers need technical assistance from experts that support agents don’t typically have the tools to provide” said Lisa R. Youngers, President and CEO of the Fiber Broadband Association. “The RouteThis platform offers this important service to network operators and I am excited to welcome them into the Fiber Broadband Association.”

"Traditional support consists of a lot of technical back and forth that's not only time consuming but annoying and frustrating for customers." said Matt Gardner, COO of RouteThis. "We designed the RouteThis platform to eliminate the need for these questions so agents can solve more WiFi connectivity tickets in less time and companies can see reduced support costs, increased customer satisfaction, less churn and more. We're excited to partner with the Fiber Broadband Association and bring these benefits to even more carriers."


About the Fiber Broadband Association

The Fiber Broadband Association is the largest and only trade association in the Americas dedicated to the pursuit of all fiber optic network infrastructure to the home, to the business and to everywhere. The Fiber Broadband Association helps providers make informed decisions about how, where, and why to build better broadband networks with fiber optics while working with its members to lead the organization, collaborate with industry allies and propel fiber optic deployment forward. Since 2001, these companies, organizations and people have worked with our communities and consumers in mind to build a better broadband future here and around the world. Learn more at

About RouteThis

RouteThis is a mobile-based network diagnostics solution for Smart Home and ISP support teams. The platform provides a tremendously detailed picture of customers’ home networks, allowing support agents to quickly and easily resolve connectivity issues, without asking customers for tons of technical information, deploying specific hardware, pushing firmware updates or doing remote desktop sessions.

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