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Fiber Broadband Association Thanks President for Action on Rural Broadband

Yesterday, the President took action on rural broadband with a presidential memorandum, which opened up access to infrastructure on Department of the Interior lands, and an executive order which ensured that the General Services Administration will standardize the process for attaching communications equipment to federal buildings.

These key measures will ramp up investments in broadband infrastructure for rural communities across the country. Improving the deployment process for broadband infrastructure is a necessary first step toward better broadband access for our rural peers and for everyone. All of us here at the Fiber Broadband Association thank President Trump for helping the country move toward that goal.

We have long advocated for streamlining broadband infrastructure deployment processes, and are excited about this more promising regulatory environment. Yesterday’s memorandum and Executive Order will truly help accelerate the connected future and make life better for those of us in rural areas. We look forward to the infrastructure deployment progress that will come from these presidential actions on rural broadband.


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